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Robert Adam and His Circle...   pp. 168-175
Meanwhile he had another scheme in mind, he told James, 'which would be no less conductive to raising all at once one's name and character that it would be profitable to me and useful to everybody. It is shortly this. Desgodetz's book [Les Édifices Antiques de Rome] is almost entirely out of print. Neither in England, France or Italy can one get a copy of it under double price. Several have thought of reprinting it but neither had the talents, the money nor the courage. As I am on the spot where these antiqities are, have Clérisseau's assistance and other conveniences, in course of conversation with Wood and Ramsey the thought struck me that it would be a good scheme for me. I communicated my thoughts to Clérisseau who approved so much that he said if he had the money he would do it himself. And to augment the value of it I not only propose taking the measurements, so as to prove if they were just, but intend to add perspective views of these buildings as they appear at present…'
p. 170

2018.04.22 17:03
Cross-Talk #5: 'Radical Candor'; Some Thoughts on Criticism from the Archinect Sessions Podcast
Ken, when you say...
"Early on in my involvement on Archinect I was much more passionate and much more raw in terms of how criticism came at me and it was much less considered in my responses. There's one particular individual who really stopped me dead in my tracks about something I had been working on because he said every premise that I had about the thing that I was writing about was wrong. Even today it bothers me because I think about what is right and what is wrong. It's your interpretation. It's my interpretation. It's this other architects particular interpretation."
...you omit the fact that the particular individual that stopped you dead in you tracks was not at all addressing your work--the particular individual was unaware of your 2002 work until 2009, and the 2003 and 2005 statements by the particular individual that stopped you dead in your tracks were reiterations of statements already publicly made elsewhere online in 1997. Thus what stopped you dead in your tracks was never actually a criticism of your work, rather it was criticism of the 1976-1987 work and 1993 work of two completely other individuals.
It is also somewhat ironic that the only time the particular individual did critically address your 2002 work, the particular individual was actually complimentary.

innuendo   1 : veiled, oblique, or covert allusion to something not directly named   : HINT, INSINUATION   esp : veiled or equivocal allusion reflecting upon the character, ability or other trait of the person referred to




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