7 March

1481 birth of Baldassare Peruzzi

1558 contract between the elector Otto Heinrich and the sculptor Alexander Colin of Mecheln, for carving the coat of arms over the door of the Otto-Heinrichsbau in the castle of Heidelberg, Germany, and for fourteen statues and fourteen windows

1600 François Petit was contracted with others to build the western portion of the Grande Galerie du Louvere

1823 death of Antoine François Peyre
1898 death of Paul René Léon Ginain

letter to India - the formula
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gallery 1999
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"slapdash" architectural publications
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Re: Versailles, sigh
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Re: tsunami tsimulacra
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Iconography, or the problem of representation
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"On Criticism" an aggregate thread
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Why is the United States pulled out of future World's Fair events? See this amazing video EXPO '67 Pavilion
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Herzog & de Meuron   Goetz Gallery   Munich   photo: Radu Malasincu

2005.03.07 15:41
Re: tsunami tsimulacra
note to self 2005.01.08
many ideas (so not to forget)
3. tsunami (free wave form) architecture?

2006.03.07 12:06
Iconography, or the problem of representation
To talk about a building's spatiality and experientiality via looking at pictures is a poor and very disappointing way to critique architecture.
Plus, how 'powerful' does an emergency services building (fire station) really have to be?
My local fire station is a nice and modest civic building, although it still saddens me that the tower was taken down a number of years ago--towers for the drying of hoses are now obsolete. The Rite-Aid store across the street is not as attractive but somewhat visually more powerful.

07030701 Ury Farm site plan plus contours   2370i01   b   c

08030701 Circle Squared Museum plans   2080i13
08030702 IQ 2008.03.07   2177i14

11030701 Museum of Architecture Fragment Museum models merged   2245i08

2012.03.07 15:37
Why is the United States pulled out of future World's Fair events? See this amazing video EXPO '67 Pavilion
leak alert
Although it's still a government secret, there are plans in the works toward creating a USA satellite channel/network, an ongoing and continuous broadcast stream of all things USA. Right now the biggest obstacle to getting the project launched is the debate as to whether or not to allow commercials throughout the programming. (Is this a no-brainer or what?!) My stance within the debate is to allow commercials, but only for architects/architecture. (I suppose this is another kind of no-brainer.)

14030701 Pyramids of Gizah NNTC/Ottopia context plans   2060i16
14030702 Colosseum ancient Rome context plans   206fi12
14030703 Colosseum modern Rome context plans   206fi13
14030704 Colosseum Novel Architecturale context plans   206fi14
14030705 Pantheon Novel Architecturale context plans   206gi30
14030706 Temple of Venus and Rome ancient Rome context plans   206di07

15030702   Herzog & de Meuron   Goetz Gallery   Munich

16030701 Ur-Ottopia House plan site plan 2200x1100 Campo Rovine IQ60   2303i10
16030702 Maison Millennium 001 plan site plan 2200x1100 Campo Rovine IQ63   2304i13
16030703 Palace of Ottopia plan site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2305i11
16030704 Dresdner Bank Lauf Haus der Kunst plan site plan 4400x2200 Ottopia IQ55   2306i15

18030701 Altes Box Museum plan elevations wireframe   2472i01
18030702 Altes Box Museum wireframe in situ IQ24/22 plans   2472i02
18030703 Atheneum plans fix work sections   2231i10   b

20030701   iiq Philaroma base plans   2348i24





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