Emil Kaufmann

"Giambattista Piranesi" in Architecture in the Age of Reason

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244. Richard F. Bach, "Piranesi--Style Maker," Architectural Forum XXXIII (August 1920), 68: "His record was written in every country." Grahame B. Tubbs, "Piranesi," Journal of the Royal Institute of British Architects LV (1948), 310-313, presents a survey of the ardiitect's life and work.

Piranesi would not have had such a tremendous influence on his and later generations, had his work not been timely.244 He was not the only ecstatic of the period, as we already know, and shall know still better. One cannot say that an artist does not fit into his era. Perhaps he does not fit into the concept which we have formed of the time. For there stands his work; it tells its story of the period.




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