Emil Kaufmann

"Giambattista Piranesi" in Architecture in the Age of Reason

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249. Piranesi, Carceri, pl. IX. Helmuth T. Bossert, "Phantastische Architekturen und Piranesi," Wasmuth's Monatshefte für Baukunst V (1920-1921), ill. p. 29.

There is almost no consistency in the prison of plate IX, nor in the viaducts represented in a drawing now in the Kunsthalle, Hamburg.249 The single features have broken loose from the whole. The Baroque cycle has come to its end. Its way had been from bodies to space, from space to chaos. Now, the task of architecture was to search for a way out of the cataclysm, to find a new form of coexistence of the parts.

Phantastische Architekturen und Piranesi




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