The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

6 October 1778   Tuesday

"I've been thinking about your dream to go to Paris."
"Really father?"

6 October 1789
French royal family forcibly taken from Versailles.

6 October 1812   Tuesday

G. Brick and J. Keen were up and off at sunrise. S. Swift stayed to breakfast. Morning without a cloud nearly calm air from NW. Temp. 50. Wind rose with the sun and blows fresh at 8. We got rid of Braines a Negro woman who has been here a week and behaved extremely ill, tho upon trial. She has an ungovernable temper and was seen fighting at the Fox Chase tavern about 4 P.M. J. Dorsey came out to talk about the 4th Street store; I postponed agreeing till Friday after I should consult J. Johnson. We have had a small fire in the parlour of morning and evening frequently, but today it has been so cold as to require one at noon. There has been no frost on the Hills that I can ..... of, but frequently in the low ground about the Creek, and in the neighborhood of Lim..ton. about Plymouth. We put 90 bushels of Lime[?] on Eastfield the high ground, 10 bushels on the garden, and I reserve 10 bushels for M......

6 October 1997
Interpretation of the Triumphal Way... Of primary importance is the theme of inversion that I now find throughout the Ichnographia. Just last night I thought how the linear sepulchers in the Bustum Hadriani and the plan of the Stadium (Trigaris) both offer examples of inversions in plan.

6 October 2003
6 October

Virtual Museum 175

6 October 2013
Read earlier: "...locale and history have simultaneous real and fabled coordinates, anchored both in actuality and in the archetypes of innocence and experience, paradise gained and lost... ...the reader enters a fictive world with its own unique operating principles, in which past and future conjoin to form a continual present in which the extraordinary meet the commonplace to defamiliarize and release an aura of strangeness and wonder... ...traditional oppositions--realism and fantasy, fact and illusion, history and myth, reason and irrationality--coming together in a complex of significance." --Daniel S. Burt

6 October 2014

Circle Squared Museum @ Kahn's grave NE Philadelphia NNTC context

6 October 2017

zero nine five

Virtual Painting 469

6 October 2019

iq32 Cubist ICM

iq34 Cubist ICM

6 October 2022   Thursday
Shortly after noon, I drove through the Fox Chase/Rockledge neighborhood to visit my parent's and grandmother's graves, and then I drove to the adjacent Jewish cemetery to take a picture.

On the way back home, I drove past Dunkin' Donuts, where the Fox Chase [tavern] Hotel used to be.

Late afternoon I told JP that back in 1976 I read "the composite photostat of Giovanni Battista Piranesi's map of Rome, drawn by him for his book on the Campus Martius, probably of 1762, which now hangs in front of Kahn's desk," and that's what got me to want to know Piranesi and his Ichnographia Campus Martius.

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