The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

10 October 1778   Saturday
Circumstances raise doubts as to whether Piranesi will attend the Accademia de S. Luca meeting tomorrow.

10 October 1812   Saturday

Judge Rush Judge Washington. ...having extinguished the candle I observed through he window that the clouds over the city were highly illuminated and I did not doubt but that it was by a great fire.

10 October 2005
"Inside the Density of G.B. Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius"
It's all about the co-joining of memory (i.e., mental reenactment) and architecture.
I wonder if Robbe-Grillet began Jealousy with a floor plan because that's how the ancient Roman art of mnemonics was taught? The Ichnographia Campus Martius is certainly Piranesi's greatest mnemonic floor plan.
Are people without good memories instinctually jealous of those that have good memories?
Does having a good memory also make for having a better phenomenology?

10 October 2018

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10 October 2021

10 October 2022   Monday
I wish I had the time today to further translate and analyze Focillon's passages regarding the 1772 Righi affair at the Accademia de S. Luca and Piranesi's counter proposal. It appears there is more than one way to interpret the "facts" presented by Focillon, and Piranesi's proposal may well be a summarizing example of his mature design sensibilities.

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