The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

3 January 1778   Saturday
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3 January 1783

Icnography of the first precinsion of the theater, of the orchestra with its steps, and of the pulpit, of the scene, and its parts
A. Stairs, which from the level of the Portici ascend to the corridor of communication to the first and second precinct of the Gradini, and to the top of the Theatre. B. Said runner. C. Arched rooms, which form the second external order of the Theater, and serve as a support for the second precinct of the steps. D. Doors in said compartments, through which the light is introduced into the aforesaid Corridor. E. Stairs in said rooms, which go up to the second precinct. F. Other Stairs to climb to the shelf above said rooms G. Vomitorj, to descend the Steps of the first precinct. H. Stairs of the same, which form the Wedges of the aforementioned precinct. I. Steps or Wedges, which were covered by Subselli, or wooden Seats for the Spectators of the first precinct of which the two upper ones are interrupted by the level of the Vomitorj, and the lower one is less wide than the others, this served only as a supedaneum . K. Tribunals, or places intended for Magistrates, and for Praetors, and Proconsuls. Here the bronze folding chairs, which can be seen in the Museum of Portici, were found. These loggias with the entrances subjected to the Orchestra interrupt the semicircular continuation of most of the steps, and move the ladders of the first wedges away from the horns of the hemicycle, making them parallel to the straight line of the pulpit and the scene; for which all the others being divided in equal distance, are not directed to the center of the semicircle, in reserve of the one in the middle. L. Precinction with Podium in front of the Orchestra. M. Orchestra. N. Lower steps in it for the portable chairs of the Nobili O. O.Pulpit of the Scene paved with wood above which the Scenic Games were represented. P. Labro on the end of the pulpit with a floor of white marble slabs, which covered the underlying niches. Q. Steps, which descended from the Pulpit into the Orchestra. R. Scene decorated with columns, niches for the Statues, with Doors, Prosceniums, Vestiars, Porticos, and other adjacent parts indicated in the previous Table. S. Scale with transit à Tribunali, supported by a wooden Solaro, which partitioned the arches of Proscenj. T. Doors with Steps, which lead down to the Tribunals of a lower floor to the aforesaid transit.   Francesco Piranesi dis, and inc.

3 January 1812   Friday

Wind high all night, morning some NW clouds; Therm. 28° rose to 32°. Sun shone and the surface of the ground where his rays fall thawed considerably. Having myself fitted a new .... to my ............ last evening (the old one being lost by .......). My people with the aid of John Hamilton were employed with killing 2 Bison this day, one weighed 710 lbs. W. B.... the 4 quarters, the other 585 lbs. I was again employed till 9 P.M. in writing to my Sons. Thermometer fallen to 24°, wind yet blowing very fresh from W to WNW in heavy squalls with dark clouds spitting snow.

3 January 2003
Re: Piranesi
As to the double nature of Piranesi's delineation of the Triumphal Way, my take on what Piranesi did is that he purposefully made/designed it to be both pagan and Christian because that is exactly the history of the Roman Triumph. Piranesi knew the whole history, and he cleverly rendered all of it within the Ichnographia. What appear to be mistakes within the Ichnographia are more sign-posts of issues to paid closer attention to.

3 January 2012
Ury, now quondam, exactly 200 years ago
2012.01.03 Wednesday
Very cold and windy, much like 1812. Spent all morning and half the afternoon doing errands. Was able to still have a short visit with Magda, however. George and I visited Rosa at dinner. Henry told me that Helmine also died; Adelyn said it was on Christmas. (Marie died on New Year’s Eve.) Helmine had the cutest girlish laugh, and we all laughed that time she asked if Rosa and I were married. At night I finally found that photocopy I knew existed somewhere--”Mensa-Coemeterium-Martyrium”. Feeling accomplished, I looked at the photocopy of Miers Fisher’s 1812 journal also there on the desk and decided to go ahead with the 1812-2012 project. It’s now started online.

3 January 2021

book spread painting 004

book spread painting 005

3 January 2023   Tuesday
"I feel more prepared, if that's the right word, than I did this time last year. At least more in control of my creative endeavors."

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