The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

13 January 1778   Tuesday
Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume I

Side view of the same Vase.
In this one can clearly see the intertwining and distribution of the two large trunks of grotesquely distributed vines, which form the large handle of the vase; and that with its winding branches, they compose the main Ornament in that situation of the Body of the same. Between the two Trunks we observe how the Sculptor has symmetrically connected and reunited the two skins of Tigers by means of their paws, and at the same time has had every other part of them used for an interesting subject in the District of the whole of this vase.
Cav. Piranesi F.

13 January 1812   Monday

Morning light clouds with a fresh wind W to NW. Therm. 26. S. & S.L. returned home this morning. I was employed in preparations for going to town tomorrow. Therm. rose to 34.

13 January 1998
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I freely refer to the Porticus Neroniani as a basilica purely because of its shape and because of its potential reference to the Vatican basilica. More and more, I believe one has to count on the presence of Piranesi's cleverness when interpreting the Ichnographia. Take note of the difference in plan formation between the "nave" and the "transept" of the Porticus Neroniani. I detect what is perhaps another example of inversion (or at least some sort of transformation)--the quasi solid-void plan patterning of the "transepts" is something new and I believe unique to Piranesi and may indeed symbolize a new "generation" of plan formation.
Regarding the line parallel to one of the sides of the "middle" Ara Martis, if the line runs through the center of the circular pool of water, then it is a line that I drew.
Proof of Piranesi's sense of humor?: notice how the triangular wedge shaped Horti Agrippinae (the garden of Agrippina who is Nero's infamous needling mother) pokes the side of the Horti Neroniani. Do we see here the proverbial thorn in one's side?
Proposed Campo Marzio motto: always leave the smart ones laughing and the dumb ones confused!

13 January 2018


13 January 2023   Friday

Introduction of a whole other cache of 'journals' written at quondam Ury, scribed by a thoroughly modern schizophrenic--a new character of the story? Maybe.
Continue to do new cad drawings, I guess mostly to do with late antiquity and ancient circuses.
Comment on Miers' astute writing, how he's very conscientious of carefully relating his impressions; a fine picture of his mind.
Piranesi's final project began with Piranesi making a discovery--the real workings in plan of the ancient circuses of Rome. Ancient Circuses 2023 commences at the beginning/end joint.

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