The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

19 February 1778   Thursday
Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume I

To Signor Thomas Manzel Talbot English Knight lover, and follower of the fine arts
As a sign of respect, Cavalier Gio. Batt(ist)a Piranesi D. D. D.
Ancient marble vase, which is kept in the Gallery of the Palace of the Most Excellent Prince Barberini. It is adorned with very fine carvings both in the body of it, as well as in the three faces of the triangular foot below.
Cavalier Piranesi F.

19 February 1812   Wednesday

Morning without a cloud, wind NW. Therm. 29. About 8 the wind freshened and vibrated between W and WNW. A clear sun melts the snow fast. Therm. reached 35, and now at 8 PM under 32, a brilliant sharp evening. By TL, who came out this evening, I have a letter of 15/27 October from Miers.

19 February 2002
old news from Olney
I guess what really makes me so happy today is that I now know (for sure) that the place I often played as a child was once, and probably for many centuries, a Delaware or Lenepe campsite.

19 February 2019

Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service   hour 9

19 February 2023   Sunday

Ichnographia Campus Martius   Tab. VIII   second state

Raccolta de' tempj antichi   Parti I

Demonstration of the prospectus of the Temple of Vesta in Tivoli.
Figure I. Prospectus of the Temple in the state in which it currently exists.
A Interior of the cell stripped of its ornaments.
B Fenestra.
C Receipt of the degree, which from the level of the portico went up to the Temple.
D Door threshold.
E Remainder of the wall, which supported the ladder.
F Cima of the base interrupted by the steps of the staircase, which shows their width.
Figure II. Demonstration of the base supplied in the ruined part of the Temple; G and of the Court,
H which ascended to the portico for nine degrees, which were enclosed in the interrupted cymatium I of the base.
Figure III. Demonstration of the supplement of the dome K with flower finishing; L and of the roof of the Portico adorned with antefixes, or terracotta feathers M.
Franc. Piranesi drew and engraved       1780

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