The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

29 February 1812   Saturday

Morning thick misty clouds. Wind NE. Therm. 34 varied little thru the day. I kept house all day. Sorted and read papers and a severe criticism in Walkin's[?] Review on Clarke's Travels in Russia. Therm. only 37.

29 February 2000
Quondam empty out Quondam completely, and, in its place, create something completely off the wall. My own obscure attitude will guide me, and there is no need to submit to any norms. I can make it all up and even be intentionally false and untrue in the information Quondam supplies. The whole museum as an enormous fiction.
reenactionary notes
Here is the first attempt to list all the possible aspects of reenactionary [architectures] that I can think of so far:
  1. human history as a reenactment of the human body.
  2. the operation of the human imagination as a reenactment of corporal physiology and morphology.
  3. Plato's dialogues as reenactments.
  4. architecture as a reenactment of human imagination.
  5. the Latin and Greek cross plans as reenactments of the original St. Peter's and the original martyrium at Golgotha.
  6. a reverse reenactment of the promenade architecturale "buildings".
  7. completion of the arch. prom article.
  8. completion of "Stirling's Muses".
  9. Maison Dom-ino reenacted.
10. "Inside the Density..."
11. Las Vegas as oasis reenacted -- Villa d'Este.
12. metabolic architectures.
13. osmotic architectures.
14. extreme architectures.
15. fertile architectures.
16. pregnant architectures.
17. assimilating architectures.
18. electromagnetic architectures.
19. all frequency architectures.
20. Ludwig II of Bavaria.
21. Disney Land/World.
22. Acropolis reenactments.
23. cloning.
24. hypermural at the Altes Museum.
25. sacred and the profane (also Eliade's Myth and Reality).
26. Rossi's Modena Cemetery/Bustum Hadriani.
27. cardo and decumanus, Roman planning (urban military).
28. Washington DC/Versailles.
29. eros et thanatos.
30. reenactment of mistakes (Fasolo, Tafuri, Eisenman).
31. reenactment relative to mimesis.
32. Revelations as corporal reenactment.
33. not sure how The City of God might fit in.
34. tomb of Augustus -- the Great Stupa.
35. redrawing the Campo Marzio as reenactment.
36. philosophy of Collingwood (plus maybe Vico and Croce).
37. dies sanguinis -- reenactment of my own birth.
38. Tacony Creek Park (environmental center).
39. theme parks (Huxtable, Sorkin, etc.).
40. Hadrian's Villa.
41. reenactment of the real within the virtual.
42. B. Franklin Parkway -- reenactments in Philadelphia (many).
43. circle/square junctures.
44. Kosovo.
45. other VSBA reenactment (Princeton, besides Philadelphia).
46. Otto -- Holy Thursday.
47. Ismet earthquakes.
48. Olney's religious trilogy.
49. Simulacra (Baud.)
50. Ottopia.
51. homo ludens.
52. MOVE as reenactment.
53. metaphor as reenactment (?).
54. dies sanguinis reenactment as performance art.
55. innuendo(?).
56. operative versus historical criticism as reenactment(?).
57. does Stella somehow fit within reenactment?
58. there was my latest idea of writing Imaginations, Zeitgeists and Architectures.
Philadelphia Museum of Art

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