The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

26 May 1778   Tuesday
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26 May 1784
"Resigned to the sovereign’s choice of purchases, on 26th May 1784 Piranesi wrote: ‘Il y a au-dedans des habits, des livres, des petites statues en bronze le tout pour S. M. Je vous en donnerai les ordinaires suivants une note. Il y a aussi 5 caisses pour le Baron de Taube’." --Chiara Teolato
"Inside there are clothes, books, small bronze statues all for H. M. I will give you the following ordinary ones in a note. There are also 5 crates for the Baron de Taube."

29 y.o. Francesco Piranesi 1787
Francesco publishes the Palace of the Caesars plans within volume 1 of Le Antichità Romane.

Plan of the Upper Floor of the part of the Palace of the Caesars believed to be Augustus' residence on the Palatine Hill, the lower floor of which was intended for the Baths or Baths.
A. Courtyard with arcades around.
B. Noble hall with a round opening in the middle of the fornix, or vault, which illuminated the said site.
C. Octagonal hall likewise with opening in the middle of the vault.
D. Communication cabinets with painted vaults.
E. Back rooms, which were nobly adorned with mixed marbles.
F. Piccioli Cavedj, which on this floor were decorated with arched porticoes supported by quadrangular pillars.
G. Corresponding rooms in the arcades of the said Cavedi.
H. Similar rooms, which communicated with one of the Octagonal Rooms.
I. Stairs that descended from the upper floor into this one.
K. Magnificent Sterquilinj nobly covered with marble, which remain segregated from the whole house.
L. Aditi of communication with the arcades of the Peristyle, of which the walls, that the vaults were nobly painted.
M. Pools or rooms for cold bathrooms, also these covered in marble.
N. Similar rooms for hot baths.
O. Podiums or Risege for use by Decursorj around the rooms forming the basins.
Q. Sopoditeri or are strippers.
R. Intermediate rooms for Tepidarj, Sudatori and more.
S. Runner with painted vault.
T. Noble rooms of communication to said baths.
V. Parts of the house similar to those on the upper floor.
X. Rooms below the corresponding hanging courtyards on the upper floor.
Y. Curvilinear walls and other adjoining rooms overlooking the Circus Maximus mistakenly believed to be part of the Teatro di Statilio Tauro, these served as substitution to a very noble Podium or Tribune imminent to the Circus which had communication with the described building, and was probably the Podium of the Emperor.
Z. Minor courtyards and outer enclosures of the wall. bb. Hippodrome with a certain indication of arcades around it formed by two rows of columns. cc. Upper floor of the said arcades that run around the Hippodrome. dd. Noble sites belonging to the Hippodrome. It is felt that the dark tint denotes the factory that still exists, or remains at the level of the floor below, the second shade a little less charged what in this floor has been discovered and that in part exists, the lighter shade denotes what has been supp. to.
Cav. Francesco Piranesi drawn and engraved 1787

26 May 1812   Tuesday

Morning without cloud, yet a little haze. Wind NW, temperature not observed early, at 1/2 past 8 64°. It rose[?] ....... The wind died away to calm. Air just perceptible from SEerly. About sunset it was fresh from thence. We have about half of N field planted.

26 May 1999
interview 2.1a
My initial note writing on the Ichnographia began in late 1995, at the tail-end of my intensive one year of Timepiece of Humanity note writing. Early on I saw Piranesi as both an assimilating designer and as a metabolic designer. My continued research/discoveries have already well established the metabolic in Piranesi's designs. Piranesi is a foremost metabolic architect, but Michelangelo is not only an earlier metabolic architect, he may well the best ever. Schinkel, Le Corbusier, and Stirling also produced good metabolic buildings/designs.
Re: interview 2.2a
Zeitgeist: chronosomatics and architecture.

26 May 2019

Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service   hours 46 47

Mary Boone's 180 hours of community service   hours 48 49

26 May 2020

Virtual Painting 528

Virtual Painting 530

Virtual Painting 533

26 May 2023   Friday
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