The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

9 June 1778   Tuesday
I'm starting to wonder as to how much of his inner thoughts and feelings, and even his creative ideas, Piranesi is sharing with his family and co-workers at this time. His un-wellness in health is ever more obvious, while at the same time so is his reticence.

32 y.o. Francesco Piranesi   1 August 1790
Raccolta de'Tempj antichi, Vol. II.

Demonstration of a part of the interior of the Pantheon placed in a straight line, and supplied with its ornaments as they were before the various devastations, and before the restorations of the Popes and adorned with statues and bas-reliefs following the steps of the ancient writers.
A. Main tribune opposite the door of the Temple in which was the statue of Jupiter Ultor. B. Vault of the said Tribuna which in the restorations of the Popes was adorned with mosaics pretending to be chests of drawers with various figures. C. Caryatids that served as finishing touches to the side columns of the said Tribuna. D. Aedicules which were adorned with statues in today's year their stands or pedestals interrupted to introduce modern altars. E. One of the other six lateral tribunes of the Temple where at present there are as many altars and these were adorned with niches with statues and bas-reliefs. F. Second order of the Temple which was formed by a veneer of very beautiful stones, its placement being already marked. F. of pavonazzetto with base and cymatium. G. of white marble. I. pillars. H. were all of porphyry with bases and capitals. L. of ancient yellow which pillars rested above the plinth. M. of purple that ran around the Temple with the rod. No. of porphyry between it and the bases. The window exhibits. O. glue the frames. P. were in paonazzetto and their frieze. Q. of serpentine. The architrave of the said order was adorned with a marble groove under which was a rod with an upper and lower band. S. of paonazzetto and with face. Half T. of serpentine. The frieze. V. was in antique yellow The frame. X. still existing is of white marble. The inter-pillars were adorned with various squares and circles closed by various bands. All bands. Y. were of paonazzetto and qualle . Z. of serpentine. The boxes. YY. those were antique yellow. BB. of porphyry and those. CC. of purple. You round them. DD. above the windows [?] of porphyry which. AND AND. of yellow which circles were all inside a box of purple. FF. Drawers in which before the restoration one could still see the remains of the rosettes and other stucco ornaments that can be seen here and under which large pins and bronze plates were found, things indicating that the ornaments of the said chests of drawers before the restoration: by Settimio Severus were bronze. GG Bands around the chests of drawers which were painted.
Cav. Francesco Piranesi drawn and engraved 1787

9 June 1812   Tuesday

Morning clear, wind SWerly, very sultry. I went to the Bos. Consul's office and left a letter for my son Miers and packet expected soon to sail with the result of peace or was now agitating in Congress with closed doors. I paid several visits and then went to the Co,, house to attend the Book opened[?] for subs. of shares to the Northern Turnpike Road. Afternoon showery[?]. I stayed within doors, took tea at J. Longstreth's and spent the evening at the Agricultural Meeting, several important papers read. Torne's[?] Grass, etc., got some seeds.

9 June 1999
chronosomatics 1 : an interpretive method that deals with the interrelationship between chronological or historical sequence and consecutive transverse sections of the human body     2 : a metaphorical link between specific points in time with specific points on or in the human body     3 : a theory whereby the morphology and physiology of the human body is seen as representative of the complete continuum of human existence     4 : The Timepiece of Humanity     5 : the calendar incarnate

9 June 2013

[Yesterday] finally started going through the saved rolls of V-80 electrostatic print-outs from nearly 30 years ago; making 'artist book' pages and then collages from the left over scraps.

The Advertising of Art   034

The Advertising of Art   052

The Advertising of Art   056

The Advertising of Art   058

9 June 2016
Thread Central
Too many architects only talk to other architects that share the same views, and are becoming increasingly irrelevant as a result, according to OMA founder Rem Koolhaas.
In his keynote speech at the American Institute of Architects' annual convention last week, Koolhaas said that architects were too self-referential and that architecture as an industry was too slow to keep up with the "revolutions" that are shaping the modern world.
"Architecture has a serious problem today in that people who are not alike don't communicate," said Koolhaas, according to a transcript of the talk published on the website of US magazine Fast Company.
"I'm actually more interested in communicating with people I disagree with than people I agree with."
"We're working in a world where so many different cultures are operating at the same time, each with their own value system," the Dutch architect added. "If you want to be relevant, you need to be open to an enormous multiplicity of values, interpretations, and readings."

Walking around the local farm.   16:21   Here, right at the Philadelphia/Montgomery County border, looking toward Philadelphia.

9 June 2023   Friday

Each of the six prints above are unsigned and undated, although we know they were first published by Francesco Piranesi at least a decade after G. B. Piranesi's death.

Does the absence of signature and date on individual prints within the corpus of Francesco's published works virtually signify drawings/etchings left still incomplete by his father?

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