The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

18 October 1778   Sunday

18 October 1812   Sunday

Morning without a cloud, wind NW, temperature [blank]. About 9 clouds rose to windward and at 10 the wind began and continued to blow with cloudy violence[?] thru the day. I had called last evening at Sister Longstreth’s and engaged her to ride with us to Meeting and come to dine with us, but calling for her this morning, she was not well enough to go out with such a gale and ......[?]. Josiah L and wife and their Aunt Martha L, of whom we have heard much, had sent word that they were coming to dine with her--on our return we called and found them at dinner. We agreed to spend the afternoon with them. Came home and dined alone! PM we rode over there and spent the afternoon very pleasantly. Their aunt is a very respectable ancient friend, a widow of 77 in a ..... and .....ful old age. post vitam bene actum. After sunset they set off to return to town. They took me in and dropped me here, fearing my knee was too weak to walk 3/4 of a mile without pain. My wife and daughter stayed till near 9 when Josiah waited .....[?] home on foot. They were pleased with their visit.

18 October 1993


18 October 1994
I will now proceed by making some general comments about the fourth millennium:
a. Since physiologically the third millennium is the region of the breast, I have always made the connection of females and the breast since the breasts are a bodily feature that is strongly connected and associated with women, and I will go so far as to say that developed breasts are unique characteristics of women; it is one of the characteristics of womanhood itself.
b. That being said, I speculate that women will play a dominant role in human development at that time. There is also some thinking that should be done in terms of the difference in size in men's breasts and women's breasts, and how this difference may effect world population, e.g., will there be many more women than men alive at that time?
c. Continuing along this line, I immediately thought about the function of breasts, i.e., nurturing. This leads to the scenario that women will have a dominant role in human development and that role will involve nurturing.
nurture : the breeding, education or training that one receives or possesses, upbringing. To supply with food, nourishment, and protection.
d. A counterpoint to the above points is the fact that developed chests of men also carry strong associations. A developed male chest connotes strength, power, and even leadership. I am also reminded of the gorilla's beating of the chest as a sign/symbol of strength and even aggressive defense. So, in this light, there may actually be more of an equal "battle" between men and women. Perhaps it is best to describe the situation as one where women will have at least an equal share in the realm of human activity and development, and at times, I think it is safe to say that women will possess more that an equal share of the balance of power.
e. There is also a connection between the dominant role of women and the "second birth" that will happen c. 3090 AD, as the current pregnancy comes to full term.
These general comments, so far, are mostly my initial ideas about the general scheme of the Timepiece, and I will proceed with more developed notes.
I'm not sure if it needs saying, it may be important in the final draft to start each millennium with an exposition of what the Timepiece--the plane of the present--is doing at that time. There should be an explanation of what the "present" is slicing through. It would be particularly interesting to investigate the nature of time (the "present") when it is slicing through significant changes.

18 October 2004
Artifacts of Ottopia Nos. 91-97

The Driver's Seat:   remember it's 1975

The Driver's Seat:   at the Altar of Peace   "It's not so much a presence. It's more a lack of absence."

The Driver's Seat:   terrorist attack in front of the Altar of Peace

The Driver's Seat:   where were you when the terrorists attacked?

The Driver's Seat:   "What time is it?"

The Driver's Seat:   "This movie really sucks, doesn't it?"

The Driver's Seat:   "The King is an idiot!"

18 October 2017


18 October 2022   Tuesday

I'm cad redrawing the erased circus plans "at the same time as" Laura is etching the new circus plans onto the copperplates--both a reenactment inverted and an inverted reenactment. Playful osmosis.
Part II of the 1804 Calcographie des Piranesi seems to have been in the works since circa 1776--the planning of a grand cathartic opus. What we have, after Piranesi's death, are the actual fragments of a vast otherwise virtual scheme. A good part of Francesco's career was spent in manifesting the actual fragments.
Work on Ancient Circuses was not an anomaly, rather ongoing new work as usual. It just happened to be the new publication in the works when Piranesi died.

18 October 2023   Wednesday

Pennypack Trail / Lorimer Park

Fox Chase Farm

I moved where I live now, quondam Ury, seventeen years ago today, and it didn't take long after that (four months) for me to get a copy of Miers Fisher's 1812 almanac/journal--specifically 1812 because of a footnote within Talbot Hamlin's Benjamin Henry Latrobe (1955):
7. According to the catalogues of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the 1811 exhibition included, by Latrobe, a landscape on the Schuylkill River, an view of the Richmond penitentiary [a work by Latrobe], and five large drawings of the Capitol at Washington [a work by Latrobe]--two plans, two elevations, and a perspective. In 1812 he exhibited a view of the seat of Myers Fisberg [sic], Esq., and another Schuylkill River landscape, and in 1818 a perspective of the Baltimore Cathedral [a work by Latrobe]. His wife also painter; Mary Latrobe is credited with two views from nature in the 1812 exhibition. I owe this information to the kindness of Miss Anna W. Rutledge.
--page 318

I want write about how The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project, for fourteen months now, has been the best part of my days--about three hours doing each day and about two hours thinking each night. Furthermore, the discovery's development was one surprise after another; very little was planned after the pages became daily productions.

I may be the last living descendant of Ferdinand and Juliana Lauf to actually know where they lived, because I've actually been there.

Red October in Philadelphia 2023--it's a real thing.

Without my even knowing it then, for a couple of years in the late 1970s, I was on close terms with members of the last Palestinian Governor of Galilee's family. Of course there was a degree of separation, but only barely.

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