Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf


beginning of the BIA idea
...an introduction to Body, Imagination and Architecture that explains its connection to The Timepiece of Humanity. ...might as well make some comments on the book Body, Memory, and Architecture because of the 2/3 equality in the two titles. Body, Imagination and Architecture will be different in that it addresses the body, the workings of the human imagination, and how the design of architecture relates specifically to both.
link between Body, Imagination and Architecture and The Timepiece of Humanity
The book will follow the imaginative processes, starting with assimilation and ending with osmosis and electro-magnetism. Fertility and frequency should be discussed as well, but they will not be covered as extensively as the other processes.
...assimilation and metabolism in terms of the Renaissance, the architecture of Michelangelo, and the Baroque...
Like The Timepiece of Humanity, Body, Imagination and Architecture will juggle the connection between specific times and specific parts of the body. There are buildings and designs. however, that fall outside of the strict timeframe, and this issue will be addressed.

initial outline of chapetrs
1.     Introduction
2a.   The Renaissance: Assimilation and Architecture
2b.   Michelangelo: the First Metabolist
2c.   The Baroque and the Enlightenment: Assimilation and Metabolism Together
3.     The Metabolization of History I--Learning from Piranesiís Campo Marzio
4.     The Metaboization of History II--the Architecture of K. F. Schinkel
5.     Purism as Ultimate Assimilation
6.     Towards a Metabolic Architecture
7.     Osmosis and Electro-Magnetism: an Outside Inside Architecture
...the (as yet unmentioned) distinction between the profane modes of the imagination versus the sacred modes of the imagination. The sacred and profane division may become the overriding issue.

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