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Emergency room at Holy Redeemer Hospital; much discussion of bullous pemphigoid, etc. Alone, in the evening, I seriously began to wonder whether bullous pemphigoid is the first autoimmune disease the human body produced.

aesthetics and imagination
"It is common place to say that the eighteenth-century marks a turning point in the history of aesthetics. M. H. Abrams (1953) has shown how this was the period when the predominant metaphor of the mind as a mirror reflecting external reality began to give way to that of the mind as a lamp which radiates its own inner light onto the object it perceives. The artist is no longer seen as a craftsman-like imitator of nature, but as an inspired genius who brings new worlds into being, spontaneously generating original creations out of the depth of his own mind."
from the editor's introduction to Cocking's Imagination, p. vii.
As we begin the 21st century, is the "predominant metaphor of the [artistic] mind" still a "lamp which radiates its own inner light onto the object it perceives?"

In typing the notes pertaining to the century by century list of organs the present will pass through over the next 1200 years, it became evident that the height of plurality is still yet to come. Over the next few centuries, the present will actually pass through more organs than it presently does, and will actually climax at the most organs at about 2300/2400 AD. This provides insight into our present time. Our present is just the beginning of plurality. The major/upper organs of the digestive system will become the dominant organs in the "plane of the present." It seems that the immediate future will be a developing continuation of our present situation.
In general terms, the population will continue to increase, metabolism will become more and more the way things work, the plurality of organs (and perhaps then organizations) will become more and more evident, and what will by then by an over 2000 year tradition (assimilation) will be gradually, but evidently, leaving the picture.
The new tradition will be made up of a well defined plurality and a metabolism based operating system or imagination. There may also be a strong sense of anticipation for the coming second birth. The anticipation for the second birth will also be an anticipation for a whole new order.

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