Quondam's 28th Year/      Stephen Lauf


The second birth will bring with it an almost entirely new age and way of human operation. The second birth is best manifested through the arrival of the heart. The life force of all humanity will be present. I am finding it difficult to elaborate on just what it means for the heart to be present, but present is just what it will be. I could say that the charge and energy and power will be present. Further explaining, the heart will also have the dominant presence. The plurality and duality of metabolism will be over, and the singularity of the heart will take their place.
The presence of the charge in the heart will be further complemented by the vehicle of osmosis--the lungs. For a full five hundred years the heart and the lungs will be the sole operating system. It will definitely be an era like no other era in the Timepiece. Five hundred years of nothing else but a constant beat, a constant charge, and an exchange through osmosis. In the background is the spinal column, spinal cord, the rib cag, scapula, and the esophagus, however even these background elements are clear and distinct and take up a very small cross-section, and most of them, except for the rib and scapula bones are grouped together in the center towards the back.

Even though it is still not sunk into my mind, the time of the heart and the lungs is also the time of the mammary glands.
The definitions of nourish are:
1a: to bring up: RAISE, NURTURE, REAR.
2: to promote or stimulate the growth or development of: BUILD UP, STRENGTHEN.
4a: to furnish or sustain with food or nutriment.
4b: to provide with sustenance.
4c: to provide for: MAINTAIN, SUPPORT.
6: to cherish or keep alive (as a feeling or plan)

Upon reflection, it seems that the definition of nourish provides better clues than the definitions of mammalia and mammary gland. It seems that nourishing is more important than the actual way the body goes about it. Given that the second birth occurs immediately prior to the hearts entering the plane of the present, it is then significant that as the present is passing through the breasts, they will be at their most developed, i.e. lactating.
The definitions of nourish have great references to empowerment: raise, to bring up, build up, strengthen, provide with sustenance, maintain, support. In simple terms, human development will be strengthened and supported. Human development will be nurtured as it never has been before. This period of intense nurturing will span roughly five hundred years, the same time period as the heart.

There is the point that it will be women who will provide the nourishment. One way of putting it is that the intense nourishment of human development is directly related to the involvement of women. It could be said that women provide the greater part of the strength, maintenance and support of human development.

It seems that the combination of intense nourishment and an intense charge and pump (the heart) will indeed represent, and/or manifest a tremendous boost in human development. It is easy to get poetic about how mankind will also be new born and, in that sense, pure again. The idea of purity not only comes with the second birth, but also from the aspect of the lungs/osmosis in contrast to digestion/metabolism. The lungs are a "cleaner" organ and there mode of operation, osmosis, is also much "cleaner" than metabolism. I know that "clean" is not the best word. I just want the idea to be there and developed later.
The second birth really is a fresh new start. We will all still be humans but how we act and operate will be much different. The best way to say it is that the duality will just be two of the same thing, and not one part working against the other part.

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