Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf


The last definition of equilibrium--balance--is something of a new concept within the Timepiece. I feel confident in saying that one of the most physical manifestations of the new singularity and equality within the era of the heart is the balance exhibited by the body at that point. The two most obvious manifestations of balance are the two breasts and, to a slightly less extent, the two lungs. There is also the balance of the rib cage and scapula bones, and perhaps it is possible to say that the balance of the two arms is the premier outcome and by-product of the long peaceful period of equilibrium.
The concept of balance also, I think, has to be relative to the legs, hips and ears, and perhaps also to the kidneys. In fact the concept of balance may be just the right idea behind trying to explain the morphology of the kidneys. It could be said that the kidneys provide the only element/aspect of balance within an era of plurality and asymmetry.

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