Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf


I just re-read the definition of osmosis, and I was amazed to find the words "equalizing" and "equilibrium" right in the explanation of how osmosis works. It seems that I was right all along about the equality issue, and now there is much that is clearer to me. On the highest level, the transition from below the diaphragm to above the diaphragm is a transcendence from duality to equality. Equality is significant because it is more correct than singularity. Equality means sameness and therefore a singularity in that everything is treated the same, however, equality is the truest expression of a higher transcendence.
Duality is expressed below the diaphragm through metabolism's constructive/destructive nature.
Physiologically, equality (and/or equilibrium) is manifested in:
a. the working of osmosis
b. the heart in its evenness and uniformity of process and motion

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