Quondam's 28th Year       Stephen Lauf

My Retirement at Ury So Far
2021 - 2024

Yesterday was another one of those (happy) Piranesian days. This time at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Archive. What a bright, young staff they have there. I was probably most pleased by Laura Piranesi prompting a lively discussion. It was also real nice taking the train into town again; I haven't done that in like 30 years. Looking out the window and seeing all the new (at least to me) development in North Philly and Center City made me feel quite like Rip Van Winkle. Tomorrow I'm attending Thomas Keels' lecture "When Rich People Spend Good Money on Bad Art" at Glen Foerd, after which I'll be heading over to the Glenside Arts Festival, where I'm now sure not to be spending any good money on bad art.

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