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Just an hour earlier (2024.04.26 23:00), I thought about the Susquehanna Road, as delineated within Thomas Holme's 1690s map of Pennsylvania, as being originally the Lenni Lenape trail through the Pennypack Creek watershed valley. And, indeed, Susquehanna Road was always called Susquehanna because the Lenni Lenape Susquehanna trail, like the intention of Holme's planned Susquehanna road, connected the Delaware River with the Susquehanna River. It's amazing how easy it is to now imagine the Lenni Lenape telling the earliest Europeans here that that trail is Susquehanna.

I just got lost in trying to imagine the route of the original Susquehanna trail within the present gap of Susquehanna Road between Pine Road and Huntingdon Pike--Huntingdon Pike (in Montgomery County) is also the same Lenni Lenape trail that in Philadelphia is called Oxford Avenue. It's now also becoming clear to me that the original Susquehanna trail was/is an elaborate network of trails, as opposed to the absolute straight line of Holme's planned Susquehanna Road, because of all the (now) horse trails running throughout Philadelphia's Pennypack Park. I know a lot of the Pennypack Park and Lorimer Park trails personally, just like 18 year old John James Audubon knew them autumn 1803.

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