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The movie/documentary Tim's Vermeer unexpectedly came up yesterday during the Q&A after Thomas Keel's "When Rich People Spend Good Money on Bad Art" lecture, and I thought more about Vermeer utilizing optical lenses last night. Vermeer was thrilled with the optical lenses the same way I was thrilled with CAD (computer-aided design) drafting. Since Vermeer could 'now' paint with incredible and heretofore unachievable accuracy, the choice of what to now paint with such incredible accuracy became the most essential aspect of his artistry. That's what makes a Vermeer.

Pretty much the first thing I chose to do after acquiring my own CAD system, April 1987, was to redraw Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius.

I did buy some art yesterday as well, at the Glenside Arts Festival: two paintings and two prints by Jean Broden (I'll pick up the paintings next week) and two double-sided cap flowers by Tim Broden.

I know this will sound incredulous, but the more I held Tim's cap flowers in my hands, the more I was reminded of holding some Fabergé items with Jim Williams at Mercer House, Savannah, summer 1983--a small egg, a squat mushroom (I think) and a riding sword originally owned by Tsar Nicholas II. And since I'm probably the only person presently on the planet to have held some Fabergé items and some Tim Broden cap flowers in their hands, you're just gonna have to take my word for it.

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