Valeria Maximilla was the daughter of the Emperor Galerius and his first wife whose name is unknown. She married the usurper Maxentius and bore him two sons. Only Valerius Romulus, the eldest of the two sons, born ca. 294, is known by name. Because she was an emperor's daughter, she was entitled nobilissima femina. She and her husband were together before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge when she disappears from the historical record. Her fate is unknown.

Their son Romulus was entitled clarissimus puer and, later, nobilissimus vir. He served twice as consul with his father in 308 and in 309. He must have died in 309 because his father was sole consul in 310.
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Mausoleum of Romulus/Villa of Maxentius

Circus of Maxentius



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