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Koolhaas versus the Actor

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Koolhaas versus the Actor

Rita Novel
2005.04.29 10:00

Wig Nut and Wig Not

2005.04.29 10:14

rita, do you get any hits to your website from any sources other than the hundreds of links that you post here in the archinect forum? have you ever posted a comment without including a link to your own website?

Rita Novel
2005.04.29 10:31

http://www.quondam.com/ never gets any hits at all, not even when links are posted here. This makes me so nervous. I mean, no one pays any attention. I want to cry all day! Please! Please visit Quondam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Strike a pose! (Casa) Vogue!

Stephen Lauf
Otto and Maria might just throw a Casa Vogue fetish party
2 panels, 77.5 x 96 inches
printed paper mounted on homasote

Rita Novel
2005.04.29 10:36

Actually, there is one person that visits Quondam all the time. I think his name is Herr Kutsky.

2005.04.29 16:33

ok stephen lauf, [i'm guessing rita novel is your rose selavie -sp-?], i'll bite.

quondam must get hits all the time- at least from archinect. i don't buy that part. just nobody responds much. but your constant linking does strike one as a constant cry for attention.

still, it's quirky and fun and often interesting [except when you're arguing you gave venturi or koolhaas some great idea and they stole it, that gets old].

but sometimes it's one-sided and tries to sidetrack a discussion that has little to do with the subject. then it's annoying.

i like the apparently linear but sometimes interconnected structure of the site, or rather the loose, apparent lack of structure. my mind is very rational and would prefer to have everything very structured with an overall view of the lay of the land, but the site constantly frustrates this. but in a good way. the inability to understand the whole gives me the impression that the site is an entity with no clear boundaries, and this is a good impression.

the apparent need to record your every comment reminds me of beatriz colomina's description of le corbusier saving every last napkin sketch for posterity.

and i disagree with you over tafuri [see? people do read what you write]

liberty bell
2005.04.29 19:49

As a quondam Philadelphian, I am obsessed with quondam.com.

And I agree with aml's comments re: the structure of the site. Loose and rigid at the same time...hmmmmm, can you tell I've just been reading the Sexual Architecture thread?

Rita Novel
2005.04.30 08:55

Rita Novel was born in a Philadelphia upstairs disco bar circa 1984/85, a twin birth, in fact. Crystal Carrington had been kidnapped, but the kidnappers first found a Crystal look-a-like named Rita, and hence executed a kidnapping cum exchange. Among cultish friends and after various stimulants there emerged Rita Novel subsequent to Crystal Vanish.

There is a constant cry for attention, attention to the fact that links in cyberspace architecturally communicate as much as doors and windows and promenades communicate in real space. Come into my architecture, visit my architecture, inhabit my architecture, leave my architecture. No admission charge, however.

Simple html is Quondam's only real structure, and the linearity at Quondam is subject to the linearity of passing time. "Loose and rigid at the same time" is what makes Quondam sustainable from this architect's two hands point of view. Otherwise, all museums are all about content, aren't they?

I don't give a shit what architects think about Tafuri, what I do care about is what architects know about Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius. If architects and their educators choose to ignore long term rigourous research regarding the Ichnographia Campus Martius that literally far surpasses what are otherwise only Tafuri's speculations, then what does that say about architects being sensitive and attune to existing conditions, programmatic demands, evironmental factors, etc., etc.?

Is Quondam subliminally a museum about getting under architects' skins?

Does anyone else here remember dancing to the song Ring My Bell?

"Go in museumpeace, and may museumpeace be with you."

2005.04.30 09:45

thanks rita. that song will now be stuck in my head for days.

liberty bell
2005.04.30 22:31

"Is Quondam subliminally a museum about getting under architects' skins?"

Yes, Rita, it does. quondam.com, in some ways, keeps me honest.

2005.05.02 21:13

I am for Quondam.

2005.05.03 11:08

werd. keep it real rita.

Rita Novel
2005.05.04 10:43

Tafuri's mistakes regarding Piranesi's Ichnographia Campus Martius--a set of nine webpages first published at http://www.quondam.com/ 1999.05.17.




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