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Koolhaas versus the Actor

L'Architecture dans la Boudoir: The language of criticism and the criticism of language

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Derby Cicic Center competition, Derby. James Stirling with Leo Krier, architects, 1970 An historic facade preserved at an angle as a bandstand shell roof.

S. C. Johnson & Son office building, Racine. Frank Lloyd Wright, architect, 1936. Bridge of Pyrex tubes over driveway.

Leicester University Engineering Laboratory, Leicester. James Stirling, architect, 1959-63. Axonometric.

Palace of the Soviets competition, 3rd prize, Moscow. A. and V. Vesnin, architects, 1923. Axonometric.

Cambridge University History Building, Cambridge. James Stirling, architect, 1964-67. Axonometric.

Spangen Housing, Rotterdam. Michael Brinkman, architect. 1921. Axonometric.

St. Andrews University residential expansion, Scotland. James Stirling, architect. 1964-68. Site plan.

Housing Commune, Munich. Moses Ginsburg, architect, 1927.

Siemens AG headquarters. Munich. James Stirling, architect, 1969. Sectional prespective.

Fagnano School, Olona. Aldo Rossi, architect, 1973. Sketch of site plan.

Cemetery competition, Modena. Aldo Rossi, and Gianni Braghieri, architects, 1971. Perspective.

Single family housing project, Broni. Aldo Rossi, architect, 1973. Elevation, axonometric, plans.

Muggio City Hall Competition, Muggio. Aldo Rossi, architect, 1971. Perspective.

Elementary School, Broni. Aldo Rossi, architect, 1971. Detail of courtyard.

Gallaratese 2 neighborhood, Milan. Carlo Aymonino and Associates, architects. 1967-73. View across plaza over the garage, showing the open air theater surrounded by residential blocks A2, B.

Gallaratese 2. General plan.

Gallaratese 2 neighborhood, Milan. Aldo Rossi, architects. 1970-73. Residential block D.

Gallaratese 2. Entrance to residential block D.

Gallaratese 2. Residential block D.

Regional offices competition, Trieste. Vittorio De Feo and Associates, architects, 1974. Detail of model.

Technical school, Terni. Vittorio De feo and Errico Ascione, architects, 1968-74. View of building.

Technical school. Model in plan.

Esso Service Station, project. Vittorio De feo and Associates, 1971. Perspective.

Esso Service Station. Plan and elevation.

Project for a house, Fregene. Gruppo Stass, architects, 1968. Model.

Hotel, Santa Caterina, Nardo. Gruppo Stass, architects, 1970. Model.

Benacerraf House, Princeton, New Jersey. Michael Graves, architect, 1967.

House II, Hardwick, Vermont. Peter Eisenman, architect, 1969.

House in Pound Ridge, Connecticut. Richard Meier and Associates, architects, 1969.

Kurt Schwitters. Merz Construction, 1921. Collage.

Project for the American Bicentennial, Philadelphia. Venturi and Rauch, architects, 1972. Elevation.




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