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1552 Jean de l'Orme succeeded Gilles le Breton as maître genéral des œuvres at Fontainebleau

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any suggestion about Manual DeLanda courses in Upenn
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13 January
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Re: housing east/west
I drove through some of western Poland in 1990 [in a rented Mercedes, and conspicuous doesn't even begin to describe what that felt like]. I remember what seemed to be an infinite amount of post W.W.II housing blocks throughout Poznan [not sure of the correct spelling, the quondam Posen]. It all looked terribly textbook application, and a grim reality indeed. Further east was our (I was driver for my father who was making a pilgrimage back to his homestead, a farm just beyond) destination, Konin. My father pointed out the rather small extent of Konin prior to W.W.II, which was in stark contrast to the, again, multitude of homely housing blocks all over the surrounding hills, constructed after W.W.II. We stayed overnight in a Konin flat (basically one room with tiny kitchen and bath--the tub was full of water, always there in case of shortages), and I can't say it is one of my fondest memories, albeit indelible.
The next day our hosts took us to a holy site, Catholic, of course, a shrine second only to Chestahova (sorry for misspelling), where the Virgin Mary appeared standing on a rock to three young children. It was a Sunday, and this place was mobbed, and it was enormous. It was like a Catholic DisneyLand. I surmised this was one of (rural?) Poland's highlights of entertainment. We saw the rock where Mary appeared, which has two faint footprint-like marks, left there by the Virgin Herself--she has tiny, tiny feet, about 7" long. One is supposed to kiss the marks and make a wish. Because there was only a 1/4 tank of gasoline left in the car, and both of the only two gas stations I saw the whole 24 hours I was in Poland had lines about 75 waiting cars long, and the gas stations weren't even open yet, I kissed the rock with footprints and sincerely wished, "Please get me out of this country!"
Only at the last minute of our stay did our hosts tell us they had 5 gallons of gasoline secretly reserved, and that we could have it. I never imagined that I would actually be elated to finally arrive in the (still then) DDR with its open gas station right on the border.

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any suggestion about Manual DeLanda courses in Upenn
Don't tell me it boils down to mind candy!

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