what if they find it's totally random and completely tangential

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from diabase:
I have been thinking about minimalism.
Generally, the usual ideas you hear about relate to a reduction of elements and processes in the creative production of an object, space etc.
I was wondering whether it was more about an intensive process of removing the evidence of the creation process. Removing the visual appearance of fabrication, assembly, fixing. Creating methods where the evidence is able to be removed or obscured.
This would then reference an obscuration of craft and the use of illusion on one hand, but also about transcending earthly limitations of materiality on the other. In this sense, minimalism is a homage to something more spiritual - the forced negation of the memory of how something came into being. The translation without the original.

2007.01.15 20:42
Minimalism in Architecture
otherwise, the above inversely reminded me of coming apart at the seamless.

2007.01.14 17:25
exurban interim

lingua franca or BUST, I'm sure.

2007.01.13 14:52
any suggestion about Manual DeLands's course in UPenn

2007.01.13 14:41
any suggestion about Manual DeLands's course in UPenn
Don't tell me it boils down to mind candy!

2007.01.13 11:57
any suggestion about Manual DeLands's course in UPenn
Maybe it's because they're not all that well read to begin with?
Maybe it has something to with modern culture's preferred lack of depth?
Maybe it's because tuition is so high that it must be worth the price?
All of the above and more?

2007.01.12 12:42
Axis of OIL
I know. There're big Dicks everywhere!

2007.01.12 12:23
Axis of OIL
We must protect our business assets at all cost."
--some VP, no doubt

2007.01.12 11:57
any suggestion about Manual DeLands's course in UPenn
Invalid design methods have a far greater impact, if you asked me.

2007.01.10 20:14
A Dilemma
"In the future, everything will be an advertisement."
--Rita (out-of-print) Novel

2007.01.10 16:44
troop surge
It wasn't a war, nor is it now an occupation. Present US dealings in Iraq are a business venture more than anything.

2007.01.10 10:57
exurban interim
read the following earlier this morning...
Then came the realization that portrait painting was nothing but a temporary expedient. As he walked through the streets of Louisville, calling on friends and strangers alike, he found commissions more and more difficult to obtain. He traveled to Shippingport, he visited the outlying districts, but each time with less success. More often than not, when he returned to the house in the evening he had nothing to report to Lucy except another day without any accomplishment. After all, no matter how well he drew--and he did not draw portraits particularly well--Louisville and its environs were not large enough to support a full time artist. There were just so many people who wanted pictures of their relatives, and he had now reached them all.
At the end of a few months he was back, therefore, where he started, once more looking for permanent employment--but now at the age of thirty-four.
--Alexander B. Adams, John James Audubon, 1966, p. 188 (in the chapter 1818-1820).
It's unexpected fun to be reading about artists moving around Louisville now and then.

2007.01.09 20:49
I'm eating some butternut squash right now.

"I thought you said we're gonna make squash tomorrow night!"

2007.01.09 11:39
Thread Central
I hate all my names.

2007.01.08 22:40
Thread Central
And who should I be tomorrow?

2007.01.08 22:37
Thread Central
Knock! Knock!

Who's there?

2007.01.08 22:12
Thread Central
Yeah, Philly cream cheese was used, since we're all out of the Lunar.

2007.01.08 22:06
I'm eating some butternut squash right now.
I'm reading quite a bit about Henderson, KY like 200 years ago. Hard to believe that the passenger pigeon was ultimately squashed out of existence.

2007.01.08 22:00
Thread Central
And I baked a cheese cake this afternoon, and I'm as lucid as egg whites before they're whipped.

2007.01.08 21:45
Thread Central
The operation is kinda like reverse psychology! Or does that confuse you too?

2007.01.08 21:41
Thread Central
And I'm pretty sure I know where you live.

2007.01.08 21:34
Thread Central
Good question! I'm having a hard time figuring it out myself.




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