7 February

1800 birth of Georg Friedrich Ziebland

Tacony Creek Park     3998

[No Doubt the Artist Suffered] from Architecturism
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another space and time
2003.02.07 16:47     2141

Thesis Semester [blog] 25 years ago
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fuzzy vs. fussy
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meaning of labyrinth, etc.
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Tacet - Silence in Architecture
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AIA announces upcoming national television advertising campaign
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why don't architects know how to work the media?
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a Non PC observation on Architecture ?
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OMA   Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

Horace Trumbauer, Whitemarsh Hall (Wyndmoor, PA: under construction, 1917.02.07).

2003.02.07 16:47
another space and time
...a schematic plan of Whitemarsh Hall, the quondam "American Versailles." Just above the Grand Ballroom is the second floor plan of my own house (at the same scale), which would have fit quite easily within the Grand Ballroom. It turns out the footprint of my house isn't all that much larger than the "Great Isfahan".

030207a Ichnographia Quondam study   2166i05

fuzzy vs. fussy
Is there an architecture of fuzzy logic? And is there an architecture of fussy logic? Is there something fuzzy about what Robertson said and is there something fussy about what Sink said? Could I make an argument as to the distinction in just the books I've been reading lately?
John James Audubon
Architecture in Words: theater, language and the sensuous space of architecture
Archeticture: ecstasies of space, time and the human body
Leon Battista Alberti's Hypnerotomachia Poliphili.

15020701 Wall House 2 model opaque colors corrected   2219i10
15020702 Wall House 2 Gooding House elevations comparison   2219i11
15020703 Wall House 2 model without wall   2219i12
15020704 Wall House 2 Maison l'Homme plans elevations   2196i07
15020705 Maison l'Homme model opaque colors corrected   2196i08

15020701   OMA   Frankfurt School of Finance & Management

18020701   Guggenheim Museum plan model   216ei03
18020702   Farnsworth House model opaque with furniture  
18020703   Farnsworth House model opaque   2175i10

20020701   iq61 Versailles overlay plan   2413i64
20020702   iq61 Domestic Museum plans   2477i09




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