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Tacony Creek Park   1998.02.07

7. Rising Sun Avenue & Tabor Road as Lenni Lenape solstice celebration spot.

virtual Philadelphia
... using the Philadelphia model as a base for new "construction" of unbuilt or demolished Philadelphia, for example, M/G's Market St. Gallery, Kahn's Planning Commission studies and his City Hall, the Furness buildings that are long gone, and the cast iron district torn down to make room for Independence Mall.

B. F. Parkway: An Interpolation
...the Parkway as virtual space from its very inception.

Tacony Creek at Tabor Road   Whitaker Mills   images of historic photographs taken 1998.03.16

1966 plan of the Pulaski Highway   images of historic maps taken 1998.04.16

Rising Sun Avenue and Tabor Road   Tacony Creek At Tabor Road   images of circa 1930 maps taken 1998.04.16



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