13 April

1387 Andrea degli Organi is mentioned as ingegnerio domini (ducal engineer) at Modena

1776 death of Ignacio Vergara

Architecture displaying movement?
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Re: Relics of the "true" cross?
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Patrik Schumacher takes to Facebook "In Defense of Stars and Icons"
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Los Angeles, the Industrial City
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Here's a dose of design inspiration from Superstudio, the radical 1960s "anti-architecture" collective whose influence continues today
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Seguí MX-SI   Centro socio-cultural “La Merced”   Málaga

Le Corbusier   Maison de l’Homme   Zurich   photo Alessio Forlano

2005.04.13 09:05
Architecture displaying movement?
And what exactly is time without the movement of matter through space?

2005.04.13 09:34
1. The Odds of Ottopia
2a. Leaving Obscurity Behind
2b. I'm a Big Fat Nobody: The Autobiography of Unbekannt
3. An Architecture of Removement

2005.04.13 10:49
Gordon Matta-Clark is a great architect of removement. Where did he get the ideas?
Learning from Lacunae?

Venturi & Rauch
The Frug House
Progressive Architecture
Design Award Citation, January 1967

Gordon Matta-Clark
Conical Intersect
Paris, 1975

15041301 ECCOlivetti plans adjusted   2195i06

16041301 Museum of Shadows plans working model site plan 2200x1100 Campo Rovine IQ60   2452i03

17041301 Ur-Ottopia House model site plan 2200x1100 Campo Rovine IQ60   2303i11   b
17041302 Gooding Trice House model plan site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2377i08   b
17031303 Gooding Trice Villa model plan site plan 2200x1100 Ury IQ61   2378i05   b
17041304   Ichnographia Campus Martius plans orthagonal rotated @ Sepulcher Augustus   2110i116

17041301   Seguí MX-SI   Centro socio-cultural “La Merced”   Málaga

18041301 Seagram Building City Tower elevations   217xi04

18041301   Le Corbusier   Maison de l’Homme   Zurich

19041301   Callo Santo Domingo site plan street facades   2480i03
19041302   government building elevation   2480i04

20041301   Villa dall'Ava model work   2276i19
20041302   Saltzman House wireframe work   2213i02

21041301   House II schematic plan elevation   2211i14
21041302   House II Wall House 2 House VI plans elevations   2211i15
21041303   Wall House 2 House 2 model plans   2495i01




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