14 April

1592 death of Bartolommeo Ammanati

1768 death of François de Cuvilliés (I)

Giving Them What They Want
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Re: Serbia circa 272 AD
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an alter-ego for Quondam
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history lesson?
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Re: this from UCLA
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Re: enactionary architecturism
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Re: "Revivalists..."
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...and speaking of random tangents
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Architecture & intellectual property
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14 April
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Patrik Schumacher takes to Facebook "In Defense of Stars and Icons"
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OMA   Toranomon Hills Station Tower   Tokyo

OMA   Knoll Pavilion 2016   Milan

an alter-ego for Quondam
...creating an alternative Quondam environment... ...a "place" to be more liberal, uninhibited, revolutionary(?). ...apply all the new dexterity implications inherent in CAD and the digital revolution vis-à-vis architecture and representation. ...perhaps present the notion of an alter-ego to architectural history as well.
...the opportunity to create and engage in new architectural environments that will come to represent a totally new and unprecedented world of architecture.

2004.04.14 22:25
Re: "Revivalists..."
"Ludwig did not set out to copy the entire Palace of Versailles; in fact, he conceived Herrenchiemsee as something of a shell, in which only two rooms were of consequence--the State Bedroom and the Hall of Mirrors. He commissioned architect Georg Dollmann and, later, Julius Hofmann, to faithfully duplicate the center block and side wings, He eventually wished to include to longer auxiliary wings containing the chapel and court theater, but money ran short before these schemes could be executed. The king never intended that all the rooms should be completed: From the beginning, Herrenchiemsee was to be a set piece into which certain rooms were to be introduced. Their bare plaster walls, bricked up windows, and vaulted stone ceilings only served to fill out the space behind the palace's facade, providing an eerie contrast to the extravagant rooms of the piano nobile. By the fall of 1885, the palace was ready for a royal visit."
--Greg King, The Mad King: A Biography of Ludwig II of Bavaria, pp. 241-2
Earlier today, while driving to the local post office (which is within a large local shopping center, which years ago was the site of Heinz Manufacturing), I passed by what until a year or two ago was a K-Mart. For some reason the entrance to this place was wide open, and inside was an enormous, cavernous space. I thought to myself, "Gosh, the interiors of these stores are so ephemeral." Then I thought, might it not be interesting if homes were treated/designed like BIG BOX stores. Now, thinking of Herrenchiemsee, why can't all BIG BOXES look like Versailles on the outside and empty shells on the inside. Or, is that what is kind of already happening, and Ludwig was a "dreamer" just a head of his time.

digital cat

2008.04.14 17:20
Architecture & intellectual property
I'm still not sure whether "Patent Office" within Content is legally serious or not, but it is a very good documentation of OMA/AMO's 'intellectual property'.
It's also strange how authorship is now-a-days sometimes seen as something negative, although 'intellectual property' is all about legal 'authorship'.

16041401   OMA   Toranomon Hills Station Tower   Tokyo
16041402   OMA   Knoll Pavilion 2016   Milan

17041401 Museum of Knowledge model   2185i23

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