3 August

326 Constantine leaves Rome and never returns

1175 birth of Jean d' Orbais

1559 Francesco Primaticcio replaced Philibert de 1'Orme as superintendent of the royal buildings (of France)

1667 death of Francesco Borromino

1720 death of Grinling Gibbons
1748 birth of James Wyatt
1776 birth of Sir Jeffrey Wyatville

1800 death of Friedrich Gilly
1801 birth of Sir Joseph Paxton
1808 death of Ferdinand Berckmans
1833 death of Francisco Eduardo Tresguerras
1898 death of Jean Louis Charles Garnier

Virtual Museum of Architecture documents
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Stirling interpretations
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Re: vatican museum
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need some Latin help
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Re: [was: deconstruction (was: memorials)]
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Some[what] Incompletely Louis I. Kahn
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from Vico to Piranesi OR again taking a bath
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3 August 326, etc.
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Selling Out: Architects and their Archives
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archinect poem off
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...and speaking of random tangents
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Speaking of CAD
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Brad Pitt, Architect....
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Archinect hates Architecture
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2009 death of Charles Gwathmey

exhibition ideas
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Stirling interpretations
I have decided on a document centering on James Stirling's three masterful interpretations: the Stirling/Corbu Olivetti projects, the Düsseldorf / Altes Museum connection, and the Cologne [Wallraf-Richartz Museum] promenade architecturale. This will be a very full document featuring four virtual buildings (Düsseldorf, Cologne, Stirling Olivetti, Corbu Olivetti). Schinkel's Altes Museum and the Corbu architectural promenade buildings will be featured but not documented.
The secondary point of the document is to exhibit a largely undisclosed circle of design influence and intentions between Schinkel, Le Corbusier, and Stirling. I have already thought out the specific connections between Stirling and Corbu and Stirling and Schinkel, but I will also be introducing a possible Corbu-Schinkel connection in the "architectural promenade" of the Altes Museum. Although this circle of three architects is important, the main point will be to demonstrate the methodology of Stirling's art of architectural interpretation.
The three discussions of the three Stirling projects bring up Stirling's submission to Roma Interrotta and I will be using that "design" as an other example of a Virtual Museum of Architecture and as yet another example of Stirling's fine art of interpretation and reinterpretation.
The document will end with a discussion of how the circulation sequence of the Altes Museum is very similar to the Corbusian architectural promenade formula... I also have to mention how Boullée inspired the Altes Museum, and this then brings up the French/German crossover -- cross fertilization. [...and there is more in the notes.]

James Stirling, Roma Interrotta: Nolli Sector IV, 1978.

2001.08.03 13:33
Re: vatican museum
I believe you are correct about Wright plagiarizing Momo, in that plagiarize means: to steal or pass off as one's own (the ideas or words of another); use (a created production) without crediting the source; to present as new and original an idea or product derived from an existing source. But the buildings themselves do not plagiarize each other, rather they manifest reenactment. For example, if Wright had acknowledged Momo's design, then Wright would no longer be guilty of plagiarism, but the Guggenheim as a building wouldn't actually change because of the acknowledgment.

2001.08.03 18:30
need some Latin help
I'm looking to combine 'ichnographia' and 'ludus' and the phrase I'd like to come up with would translate as 'plans of play' or 'playful plans'.
Steve Lauf

2001.08.03 18:30
need some Latin help
Your best bet here is a simple Ludi Ichnographici.
Bill Thayer

050803a Analogous Building aerial perspective   2287i04
050803a Analogous Building aerial perspective   2350i17

2009.08.03 18:19
Archinect hates Architecture
I've been using CAD architecturally since 1983. For almost 13 years now most of my work is networked.
"Generative architecture" is still in its virtual stage.
I'm currently working on a virtual museum of architects (within the museum of a virtual architecture).

14080301 Palace of Ottopia plan model 22002 context   2305i06
14080302 Palace of Ottopia plans model 22002 Campo Rovine context   2305i07   b

14080301   Herzog & de Meuron   Gymnasium at the School of Dinarte Martiz   Mãe Luiza

15080301   MVRDV   Government HQ   Oslo

18080301 CCTV elevation work   2332i23
18080302 CCTV model   2332i24
18080303 Palace/Park of Versailles @ New Not There City IQ54 55 57 58 plans   2092i38
18080304 Palace/Park of Versailles @ New Not There City IQ54 55 57 58 plans   2092i39

19080301 Empire State Building elevation section nts   2480i54
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