15 December

1679 death of Jean Marot

1840 reception of the remains of Napoleon I

the stillness of Ulysses' gaze
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2001.12.15 14:14     206a 3739c

Virtual Architecture

Re: Who is the greatest figurative painter alive?
2004.12.15 10:51    

Architecture and traffic jams
2005.12.15 14:23     4014f

Building within ruins
2005.12.15 14:27

Diller Scofidio and Renfro blob up the Hirshhorn, yay!
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2009.12.15 10:55     3331y
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COBE   Israel's Square   Copenhagen

OMA   Parc des Expositions (PEX)   Toulouse

Li Xinggang   The Third Space   Tangshan

031215a Palais des Congres plan with a portion of the Ichnographia   2330i09
031215b portion of the Ichnographia cropped to the size of the Parkway quadrant model (031213b.db)   2330i10
031215c Palais des Congrès plan within the Ichnographia; hline persepective   2198i12

the stillness of Ulysses' gaze

"First God created the journey, then there is doubt, and then comes nostalgia."

Virtual Architecture 035

2005.12.15 14:23
Architecture and traffic jams

Frohe Weihnachten!

2005.12.15 14:27
Building within ruins

08121501 ICM scanned plans raw   2390i21
08121502 Durand scanned plans churches with Courthouse Plus Ultra   2390i22
08121503 Durand scanned plans St. Peter's Basilica and Square   2390i23

14121501   COBE   Israel's Square   Copenhagen
14121502   OMA   Parc des Expositions (PEX)   Toulouse

16121501 GAUA 104 level one opaque model work   2458i09

17121501 Palace of Versailles and Park working plans image   2092i20
17121502 IQ15 Pantheon Paradigm plans ICM plans   6415i01
17121503 IQ15 Pantheon Paradigm plans   6415i02

17121501   Li Xinggang   The Third Space   Tangshan

18121501 GAUA11 Arch of Constantine Tugendhat House De Vore House Kimbell Art Museum National Museum of Roman Art Museum of Architecture Analogous Building Working Title Museum 004 Savoye Shadows Annexation plans placed   2429i355
18121502 GAUA15 Basilica of St. Agnes Mausoleum of Constantina Gericke House William A. M. Burden House Palais des Congrès House III Museum of Architecture Maison à Bordeaux Palace of Knowledge Palais Savoye plans placed   2429i356
18121503 GAUA16 Sts. Sergius and Bacchus Casa del Fascio Villa Shodhan Gallaratese Housing Block Museum of Architecture Menil Collection Jubilee Church Ludi for Schinkel Villa Appositional plans placed   2429i357
18121504 GAUA17 Tempio Malatestiano Courthouse with Garage City Tower Museum of Hamar Institute of Contemporary Art Netherlands Embassy in Berlin Ludi Museum NATO Headquarters Almost Semiquincentennial House plans placed   2429i358

19121501 30th Street Station Railyard REMs wireframe opaque   2430i21
19121502 Analogous Building elevation   2287i15
19121503 Menil Collection Institute of Contemporary Art Wexner Center for the Arts Netherlands Architecture Institute Jewish Museum Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Museum Annex Analogous Building Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art Museum of Modern Art Lauf Haus der Kunst Schizophrenic Fold museum collecting plans elevations sections   224ii03

20121501   surfaces @ iiq01 from 19072002   2490i05
20121502   surface @ iiq02 from 19072001 working title museum 005 model   2490i06
20121503   surface models @ iiq03 from 19070801 ASouq Neighborhoods model   2490i07
20121504   surface models @ 30th Street Station Railyard Working Title Museum 002 model iiq04   2430i25
20121505   surface models @ iiq05 from 18071803 New Atheneum model work   2490i08




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