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Minutia Frumentaria


Minutia Frumentaria

Portico Minucio Frumentario.: « Appulej. de mund. P. Vittore nella Reg. IX di Roma. »

The porticus Minucia, built in 109 B.C. by Minucius Rufus. This porticus was double, and seems to have consisted of two parts; for, at a later period, we are told that there were two buildings, the porticus Minucia vetus and the porticus Minucia frumentaria. In the latter, under the empire, the distribution of grain tickets to the proletariat took place; while the former was a place for lounging and for political assemblies. The relation between the porticus vetus and the porticus frumentaria has never been satisfactorily explained, as it is expressly stated that they were both built by the same man at the same time.

The porticus Minucia was directly at the base of the Capitoline hill, between it and the theater of Marcellus. In the second century it seems to have served as one of the offices of the water works of the city, as we read of curatores aquarum et Miniciae. Both parts of the porticus existed in the fourth century, and some remains now visible, e.g. two pilasters built into the walls of houses in the piazza Montanara are thought to belong to them. (Platner)




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