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Naumachia Neronis


Naumachia Neronis

Directly opposite the Aventine Augustus constructed a naumachia, the naumachia Augusti, and between it and the river he laid out a grove, the nemus Caesarum. Some remains of the pavement and travertine walls of the naumachia have been found. It was an elliptical basin 532.80 meters long and 355.20 wide, with its major axis running northwest southeast. It included the church of S. Cosimato at one and S. Francesco a Ripa at the other. The water was supplied by the aqua Alsietina, built by Augustus for this purpose. This naumachia was used by Nero and Titus, and was in existence at least as late as the time of Alexander Severus. The pons Naumacharius, which was restored by Tiberius after a fire, must have been a bridge across this naumachia. (Platner)

Vincenzo Fasolo, "The Campo Marzio of G. B. Piranesi".

Area Martis

The hexagon shape of the Templum Martis is almost a singular occurance except for the Naumachia Neronis just next to the Templum Martis. This Naumachia is, however, like a negative mirror image of the Templum Martis, and in that way enhances rather than detracts from the Templum's hexagon shape.




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