Encyclopedia Ichnographica     2500

Encyclopedia Ichnographica   2800
mnemonics   2800b
innuendo   2800c   d
aedicula intercourse   2800e
the last imperial artifact of ancient Rome   2800f   g

Moenia Urbis priora Aurelianensibus     2801

mons : a mountain, mount
Mons Capitolinus     2802
Mons Janiculus     2803
Mons Vaticanus     2804

Monument. Tarquinij Prisci     2805
monumentum : that which preserves the remembrance of any thing, a memorial, a monument; especially of buildings, statues, galleries, tombs erected to perpetuate the remembrance of a person or thing
Monumenta Corn. Aquini     2806
Monumenta Domitiani     2807
Monumenta et Vote Aesculpis dicata     280a
Monumenta Gn. Domitii Calvini     2808
Monumenta M. Aponij Saturnini     2809
Monumentii Claudii Caes.     2810
Monumentum Comitis Herculis 1     2811
Monumentum Comitis Herculis 2     2812
Monumentum Triumphalis Jul. Caesaris et Augusti     2813

Musa (Musarum) : a muse, one of the goddesses of poetry, music, and the other liberal arts. The ancients reckoned nine of them: Clio, the muse of history; Melpomene, of tragedy; Thalia, of comedy; Eutrepe, of the flute; Terpsichore, of dancing; Calliope, of epic poetry; Erato, of lyric poetry; Urania, of astronomy; Polyhymnia, of mimic art
Narcissus : Narcissus, the son of Cephius and the nymph Liriope. He was exceedingly beautiful, and fell so violently in love with himself on beholding his image in a fountain, that he wasted away with desire, until he was changed into the flower of the same name. Narcissus, a freedman of Caludius, by whose orders Messalina was put to death

natatio : a place for swimming, swimming-place
Natatio (upper Tiber)     2814
Natatio (lower Tiber)     2815

naumachia : a place where mock sea-fights were exhibited
Naumachia Domitiani     2816
Naumachia Neronis     2817

Navalia     2818
Negotiantes Vinarii     2819

nemus : a wood with open glades and meadows for cattle, a wood with much pasture; land, a grove; a heath or grove concecrated to a divinity
Nemus Alexandri Severi     2820
Nemus Caesarum     2821

Neptunus : Neptune, the god of the sea and of other waters, brother of Jupiter and husband of Amphitrite

Nero     2822

Nerva : the Roman emperor

Nolli Plan of Rome     2823 2823a

nympheum : a fountain consecrated to the nymphs at Corinth
Nymphaeum     2824
Nymphaeum Publicum     2825
Nymphaum Jovis     2826
Nymphaum Tiberij     2827
Nympheum Neronis     2828

occulo : to cover up, hide, conceal
Octavius, Octavia : the name of a Roman gens.; c. Octavius, the father of the emperor Augustus; rarely of the emperor Augustus. Octavia, the name of the two sisters of Augustus, Octavia was also the name of the daughter of the emperor Claudius and Messalin. Octaviae Porticus, two halls in Rome
oecus, oeci : a room in a house, a hall, saloon

Officinae : a workshop, manufactory     2829
Officinae Argentaria     2830
Officinae Armorum     2831
Officinae Balistarium     2832
Officinae Machinarum Militarium     2833
Officinae Minii     2834
Officinae Scorpiorum     2835

olearia : oil-grinder, oil seller
Olearia     283a

Olitorium     2836

orchestra : the place were the Senate sat in the theater

Ovid     2837

palaestra : a wrestling-school, wrestling-place, place of exercise, palaestra

palimpsest     2838

Palus Caprae     283b

Pantheon     2839

patterns     2841

peristylium : the part of a building enclosing the court-yard, surrounded by columns on the inside

Petronia : the first wife of the emperor Vitellus
Petronia Amnis     2842

Philippi : a city in Macedonia, on the borders of Trace, celebrated for the battle in which Octavianus and Antony defeated Britus and Cassius
Pietatis : a goddess, Piety, who had two temples in Rome

pila : a pillar
Pila Tiburtina     2843

pinacotheca : a picture-gallery
Pincius : the name of a Roman gens. Perhaps after them was named the Mons Pincius, the eighth hill of Rome, situated outside the city, but enclosed by the Aurelian wall; called at an earlier period, Collis Hortorum, now Monte Pincio

Piranesi, Giovanni Battista     2844 2844a 2844b

piscina : a pond in which fish are kept, a fish-pond
pistrina : a bake-house, bakery
platanus : the plantane or Oriental plane-tree

Platner, Samuel Ball     2845

Pliny     2846

Plotina : the wife of Trajan
pluteus : the board on which a corpse is placed
Pluto : the king of the Lower World, the husband of Proserpine, and brother of Jupiter and Neptune

points of departure     2850

Pompejus : name of a Roman gens. So the famous Cn. Pompejus Magnus, the triumvir

pons : a bridge
Pons Aelius Hadrianus     2847
Pons Fabianus     2848
Pons Fabricius     2849
Pons Gratianus     2851
Pons Janiculensis     2852
Pons Triumphalis     2853

Populi Bustum Ambientes     2854

porta : a gate
Porta Catularia     2855
Porta Carmentalis     2856
Porta Collina     2857
Porta Flument.     2858
Porta Pinciani     2859
Porta Ratumena     2861
Porta Salaria     2862
Porta Septimiana     2863
Porta Triumphalis     2864

porticus : a walk covered by a roof supported on columns a colonnade, piazza, arcade, gallery, porch     2865
Porticus a S.P.Q.R. Amoenitati Dicata     2866
Porticus ad Nationes     2867
Porticus Aemilia     2871
Porticus [Aesculapij]     286a
Porticus Agrippinae     2868
Porticus Alexandri Severi     2869
Porticus Boni Eventus     2872
Porticus Caij et Lucij     2873
Porticus Constantini     2874
Porticus Corinthia cn. Octavij     2875
Porticus Europae     2876
Porticus Gratiani Valentiniani et Theodosii     2877
Porticus Hadriani 1     2878
Porticus Hadriani 2     2879
Porticus lugentium pro statione     2881
Porticus Metelli     2882
Porticus Milliarienses ab Aureliano Ornatae     2883
Porticus Minucia     2884
Porticus Neptuni     2885
Porticus Neronianae (Vaticanus)     2886 2886a
Porticus Neronianae (Pincii)     2887 2887a 2887b
Porticus Octaviae     2888
Porticus Philippi     2889
Porticus Polae     2891
Porticus Pompejanae     2892
Porticus praebentes umbraculum diei ab aesti     2893
Porticus Quirini     2894
Porticus Septorum Juliorum     2895
Porticus Trajani     2896
Porticus Vipsania     2897

portus : a harbor, haven, port

prata : a meadow
Prata Flaminia     2898

Procopius     289a

promenade architecturale     2899

Proserpina : the wife of Dis
pulpitium : a scaffold, platform, pulpit, stage




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