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Pons Aelius Hadrianus


Pons Aelius Hadrianus

Pons Aelius. the modern ponte S. Angelo. This bridge was built by Hadrian * in connection with his great mausoleum, and finished in 134 A.D. It was afterward called pons Hadriani and pons Sancti Petri. As originally built, it consisted of three main arches in the centre, with three smaller ones on the left and two on the right, making eight in all. From the central part, over the three main arches, the bridge sloped in each direction to the banks, more steeply on the left than on the right. The material is peperino with travertine facings. With the exception of the balustrade, which was mostly a restoration of the middle ages, the ancient structure of Hadrian was preserved until 1892, although two of the arches at the left end had been covered up by the embankment and were not visible. (Platner)




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