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Stabula IV factionum


Stabula IV factionum

Stabula IV factionum. Near the circus Flaminius were the stables of the different racing companies (factiones) of charioteers. In the first century of the empire there were four of these factiones, distinguished by their colors, albata, russea, veneta, and prasina. Two more, aurata and purpurae, were added by Domitian, but did not last long. According to the Notitia, there were eight stables in the fourth century, while the Curiosum gives the number as six. Without doubt they were all in the same region and near each other, but the certain traces thus far discovered -- a dedicated pedestal and an inscribed water pipe -- belong to the stable of the green (prasina) company, situated close to the church of S. Lorenzo in Damaso. (Platner)




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