Encyclopedia Ichnographica     2500

Adam   3001

Spoliatorium Natantium   300b

Stabula IV factionum   3002

Stadium   3003

stagnum : a piece of standing water (whether permanent or formed by the overflow of a stream), a pool, pond, swamp, fen, etc.
Stagnum Agrippae   3004
Stagnum Neronis   3005

Stationarius Milites   300a
Stationes Militum   3006
Stationes Militum   3007
Stationes Nocturnae   3008

Stirling, James   3009

Substructiones   3011

Suetonius   3012

taberna   3013

Tabernae Ecsedariorum   3014

Tacitus   3015

Tafuri, Manfredo   3016 3016a 3016b 3016c 3016d 3016e

Temp. Apollin.   3017
Templa Jovis, Martis et Veneris   3018
templum : literally, a space marked out; hence, in particular, in augury, an open place for observation, marked out by the auger with his staff; an open, clear, broad space, a curcuit; a consecrated or sacred place, a sanctuary; a place dedicated to some particular deity, a fane, temple, shrine
Templum Adriani   301b
Templum Anubis   3019
Templum Apollinis   3020
Templum Apollinis et Clatra   3021
Templum Bacchi   3022
Templum Bellonae   3023
Templum Boni Eventus   3024

T. Bruti Callaici   302a
Templum Castoris   3025
Templum Castorum   3026
Templum Deorum Larium Parmarini   3027
Templum Diana   3028
Templum Divi Antonini   3029
Templum Florae   3030
Templum Fortis Fortuna   3031
Templum Hercules Custodis   3032
Templum Herculis   3033
Templum Isidis ab Antonin. Carac. construct.   3034
Templum Isidis Campens   3035
Templum Isidis et Serapidis   3036
Templum Jani   3037 3037a
Templum Jovis   303a
Templum Jovis Pompejani   3038
Templum Jovis Statoris   3039
Templum Juno Regin.   3041
Templum Junonis   3042
Templum Manium Augustorum   304c
Templum Marcianae   304f
Templum Martis (Agonalis)   3043
Templum Martis / Apparatorium Triumphatorum   3044 3044a 3044b
Templum Matidiae   304a
Templum Minervae   304d
Templum Minervae Pompey M. opus   3045

Templum Neptuni   3046
Templum Neptuni   304e
Templum Neptuni (cum Stagnum)   304b
Templum Novum Fortunae   3047
Templum Novum Quirini   3048
Templum Novum Spei   3049
T. Pietatis   3050
Templ. Plotinae   3051
Templum Plutonis   3052
Templum Romuli   3053
Templum Saturnae   305a
Templum Serapidis   3054
Templum Solis ab Aureliano construct.   3055
Templem Spei Veteris   3056
Templum Trajani   305b
Templem Thetidus   3057
T. Veneris   305c
Templum Veneris   305d
Templum Veneris   3058
Templum Veneris Calvas   3059
Templum Veneris Ericinia   3060
Templum Veneris Victricius   3061

terentus : a place at the extremity of the Campus Martius, on the Tiber, where the Ludi Saeculares were held
Terentus occulens aram Ditis et Proserpinae   3062

Tertullian   3063

theater district   3064

theatrum : any open space for exhibiting martial games; a place of exhibition, theater, stage
Theatrum Balbi   3065
Theatrum Marcelli   3066
Theatrum Pompeii   3067
Theatrum Salustij   306a

theme park   3068

Theodosius   3069

thermae : warm or hot springs, warm baths
Thermae Agrippae   3070
Thermae Alexandri Severi   3071
Thermae Hadriani   3072
Thermae Neronianae   3073
Thermae Salustij   3074
Thermae Tuccae   3075

Thetis, Thetidis : a sea-nymph, daughter of Nereus and Doris, wife of Peleus, and mother of Achilles

Tiberis Fluvius   3076

Tiberius : a Roman proenomen, the emperor Tiberius
Tigellinus, Tigellini : in full, Tofinius Tigellinus, a favorite of Nero
Trajanus : Trajan, a Roman emperor, who reigned AD 98-118, proverbial for his his justice and benevolence
triclinia : a dinning-room, supping-room

Trigarium   3077

Triumphal Way   3078 3078a 3078b
triumphus : a solumn and magnificent entrance of a general into Rome after having obtained an important victory, a triumphal procession, a triumph

turris : a tower; a military tower, for defence of a camp or the walls of a city
Turres expugnandae   3079
Turres expugnandae   3081
Turres Speculatoriae   3082

typology   3083

urban design   3084

ustrina, ustrinae : a burning, burn; a place for burning corpses

Valens : a Roman emperor, brother and colleague of Valentinian
Valentinian : a Roman emperor
Valerianus : a Roman emperor, AD 253-260, father of the emperor Gallienus

Vallis Vaticanus   3085

Varro   3086

Veneris : Venus
Vespasianus : a Roman emperor, reigned between 69 and 79 AD
vestibulum : the enclosed space between the entrance of a house and the street, a fore-court, an entrance court

via : a highway, road, path, street
Via Flaminia   3087
Via Lata   3088
Via Salaria   3089
Via Scelerata   3090

Vico, Giambattista   3091

vicus : collectively a row of houses in town or country, a quarter of a city, a street
Vicus Aemilianus   3092
Vicus Archimonius   3093
Vicus Gordiani   3094
Vicus Jani   309a

villa : a country-house, country-seat, farm, villa
Villa Corn. Cossi   3095
Villa L. Aruntii   3096
Villa Plautii Silva   3097
Villa Publica   3098

Vipsanius : the name of a Roman gens; e.g., M. Vipsanius Agrippa, the son-in-law of Augustus

viridarium : a plantation of trees, a pleasure-garden
Viridarium Lucii Cornisicii   3099




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