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Viridarium Lucii Cornisicii


Viridarium Lucii Cornisicii

Viridarium : a garden, pleasure-garden, fruit-garden, kitchen-garden, vineyard

Cornificus : the name of a Roman plebian gens; so Quondam. Cornificius, friend of Cicero and author of rhetorical and grammatical works

Lucullus : a family in the gen Licinius. The most popular celebrated is I. Licinius Lucullus, the conquered of Mithridates, famous for his great wealth and luxury

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2691a 2691e

The Viridarium Lucii Cornificii, along with a number of neighboring villas and public buildings situated on the bluffs along the south bank of the Petronis Amnis, comprises the Ichnographia's axis of love.




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