Encyclopedia Ichnographica     2500

Viridarium Neronianum   3101
virtual realm   3102
Vitrarij   310b
Vitruvius Britannicus   310a
vitrarii : a glass-worker, glass-blower
Vivaria Fulvii   3103
vivarium : an enclosure in which game, fish, etc., are kept alive; a park, warren, preserve, fish-pond
Vivarium Volatilium 1   3104
Vivarium Volatilium 2   3105
Vulcanus : Vulcan, the fire-god, son of Jupiter and Juno
Wilton-Ely, John   3106 3106a
Writing Rome: textual approaches to the city   3107
xystus : among the Greeks, a covered or gallery, where athletes exercised in winter; among the Romans, an open colonnade or portico, or a walk planted with trees, etc., for recreation, conversation, philosophical discussion, etc.
Xystus   3108
Xystus Agrippinae   3109




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