General section of the cloisters of the Monastery of St. Paul.
General plan of the same.

Section of the archies, showing the coupled columns.

Detail of the plinth round the cloisters, shown at E in the general section.

Longitudinal section, on the line C D E F of the plan.

Section on the line A B of the same plan; at C are the steps and doorway into the sacristy.

Bases and capitals from the same cloister.

Elevation of the same; the entableture is enriched with a mosaic.
Plan of one of the principal entrances of the cloister. marked D E on the plan.
Seroux     1390

Elevation of the same; on the architrave is an inscription relative to the period of the construction of this edifice.
Detail of another portion of this cloister, marked G on the general plan.




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