Fieravante dei Fieravanti (or Fioravanti)
architect and engineer.
A letter of Giacomo della Quercia dated July 4, 1428 ascribes to Fieravanti the castle (rocca) of Braccio dei Fortebracci, at Montone near Perugia, Italy, and the reconstruction (begun 1525) of the right wing of the Palazzo Publico at Bologna, which had been burned in 1424.

Pagno di Lapo Portigiani
sculptor and architect of Fiesole, Italy; b. 1406; d. 1470.
Pagno assisted Michelozzi at the church of the Annunziata in Florence. In 1428 he worked on the front of S. Giovanni at Siena, and in 1460 made the plans for the Bentivoglio palace at Bologna. His best work is the monument of Giovanni Cellini, in the church of S. Jacopo at S. Miniato al Tedesco, between Florence and Pisa.




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