Egidius Coelmann
Egidius Coelmann rebuilt the choir of the Liebfrauenkerke at Amsterdam, which had been destroyed by fire in 1452.

Giacoma da Pietrasanta
architect and sculptor.
Many of the buildmgs in Rome, which are attributed by Vasari to Giuliano da Maiano and Baccio Pontelli, were probably built by Pietrasanta. Among others, the church of S. Agostino, built in the reign of Sixtus IV (Pope 1471-1484). In 1452 he made several marble doors for the Capitol, and in the records of Pius II (Pope 1458-1464) he is mentioned as superintendent of the construction of the loggia of the Benediction, with the title "Superstes fabricć pulpiti." In 1467 and 1468 he appears as director of the works at the Vatican and the Palazzo di S. Marco (Rome).

Pons Poncet
architect and sculptor.
A son of Jean Poncet After the death of his father in 1452 he was called to continue the works of the tomb of King René, at Angers (Maine et Loire, France). June 24, 1459, he contracted to build the great altar of the church of the Carmelites at Angers.

Mixture of tufo and peperino; restored in the fifteenth century by Nicholas V.




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