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14120703   La Villette Housing District Q/NNTC 1100x550 plan /domestic   2229i09

14120101   collection of domestic elevations @ 3398   2080i36
14101501   domestic architecture plans @ Pruitt Igoe NNTC   2080i33

14071506   model District Q NNTC   2229i08   b

13120905   30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ04 IQ07 UNEP Headquarters La Villette Housing Urban Components Le Composites ICM mirror-copies masterplan   ly103
13120903   30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ04 IQ07 UNEP Headquarters La Villette Housing Urban Components working data masterplans   ly30-4   ly103
13120801   30th Street Station Railyard studies IQ04 IQ07 UNEP Headquarters La Villette Houseing Urban Components   2431i01   b

13120205   IQ05 plans   2170i40
13120202   IQ02 plans   2175i19

13053102   Dresdner Bank legacy plans   223ci04

13031201   plan site plan old data   2229i07
13030801   site plan   2229i06
13030601   site plan model   2229i05   b

12090702   IQ021 Francisville HUCR plans   2170i34
09030101   IQ021 IQ031 domestic architecture plans   2229i04

07120402   elevation   2370i27

07072102   Domestic Museum La Villette Housing model   2370i06   b
07071803   Domestic Museum plans   2140i06
011125b   domestic architecture elevations   2170i03
011125a   domestic architecture elevations   2170i02

01112404   plans elevations axonometrics   2229i03 231ai17

001124c   domestic architecture plans   2239i01

99092701   model   2229i02
96092601   roof truss   2229i01

Domestic Museum   2381

houses under a common roof   3388   b

atypical/content   8733

Osmosis and Electro-Magnetism: an Outside Inside Architecture
...a comparative analysis of Maison l'Homme and Houses Under a Common Roof and Krier's curvy housing at La Villette.

scale and architecture
...collection of house models: Villa Savoye, Villa Garches, Villa Stein de Monzie, Wall House 2, Housing for La Villette, Houses Under a Common Roof, Gooding House, Maison l'Homme, Maison Dom-ino

scale and architecture
...the extra/separate roof element to add scale to the house: Houses Under a Common Roof, Maison l'Homme, Housing for La Villette.

gallery 1999
La Villette Housing marching through the Dominican Motherhouse site.

2008.12.31 09:38
pragmatists turning political?
The concluding 'Architecture' section of Aureli's "Toward the Archipelago" begins with:
"Let's immediately state that today's iconic building--the building that affirms its own singular presence through the appearance of its image, and that today constitutes one of the primary expressions of architectural culture at the scale of the city--cannot be a valid part of the city. Putting aside moral problems, issues of taste, and the gratuitous character of their forms, the iconic building cannot be considered an exemplary part of the city because its economic principle is to be unique and nonrepeatable."
This may well be what spurred Zaera-Polo's "The Politics of the Envelope".
[What works for me is...] Mixing Aureli's "The political ... indicates the possibility of conflict and as such calls for its resolution" and Zaera-Polo's "For architecture ... to convey that tendencies in the articulation of the building envelope capture the new political affects, to communicate that certain manipulations of the ground and the roof indicate the politicization of nature, or to explain the breakdown of the correlation between interior and exterior and private and public, are legitimate political performances."
Are ZP's categories of the envelope an attempt at repeatable icons?

brise-soleil: the politics of sun breaking
--Le Corbusier
--Kahn at Philadelphia Psychiatric
--Venturi at Frankfurt Arts & Crafts

houses under a common/detached roof
-- Plecnik
-- Le Corbusier
-- Krier at La Villette

osmotic architecture
-- Pantheon
--Versailles Hall of Mirrors
-- Altes Museum
-- Kimbell Art Museum

hyper envelopes of UN Studio
--Arnheim Central
--Architecture Faculty Venice
--Music Faculty Graz

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