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Principal monuments of Gothic Architecture, from different countries of Europe, in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, the most brilliant epoch of this system

1. York Cathedral, completed in 1426; the geometrical elevation is given pl. 64/23; the base and capital of one of its columns, pl. 70/30.

2. Plan of the Abbey of St. Ouen at Rouen, built in 1318.

3. General section of the same.

4. Transverse section.

5. Jubé at the entrance of the choir; this kind of tribune, found in most ancient churches, has received its name from the words, Jube, Domine, benedicere, which the reader was in the habit of saying before commencing the reading of the Holy Scriptures.

6. Exterior side view of St. Ouen.

7. Interior view, reproduced pl. 66/5.

8. Division of the nave.

9. View of a church on England, called Sanctae Fidis.

10. Strasbourg Cathedral; thirteenth and fourteenth centuries; the tower was completed in 1449.

11. Side elevation of the Cathedral of Burgos in Spain, built by Ferdinand III in the beginning of the thirteenth century. The style appears to resemble somewhat the Arabic Architecture of Spain.

12. View of the exterior of the Cathedral of Rheims in France, rebuilt in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

13. General view of the side of the church.

14. Plan of the Cathedral of Milan, commenced in 1386, by order of the Duke Jean Galéas Visconti.

15. Longitudinal section of the same church, with the Confession beneath the choir.

16. View of the Cathedral of Milan.

17. Transverse section of the same church.

18. Division of the nave.

19. Part of the Hall of the Two Sisters of the Alhambra in Granada.

20. Portion of architectural decoration from Herculaneum.

21. From a Chinese drawing.

These three last subjects have been given to facilitate the comparison of the Gothic with these different styles of architecture.




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