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Plan section elevation and details of the Church of the Holy Ghost at Florence by Brunelleschi   Fifteenth century

1. Plan of the Church of the Holy Ghost at Florence; commenced in 1435, from the designs of Philip Brunelleschi, and terminated in 1481, thirty-seven years after his death. (Richa, Notizie istoriche delle chiese Fiorentine, 10 vols. in 4to. fig.; Firenze, 1754-1762, vol. ix, p. 11.)

2. Section of the same.

3. The posterior fašade of the church.

4. One division of the nave.

On comparing the Church of St. Laurence and the Church of the Holy Ghost with that of the Apostles engraved at pl. 25/8, 9, one is struck with the analogy, and must agree with Vasari, that the study of this ancient church, erected at Florence in the ninth century, had greatly contributed to form the taste of Brunelleschi. (Vasari, Vite de' Pittori, etc., vol. i, pp. 75 and 29.)




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