The Discovery of Piranesi's Final Project
Stephen Lauf

8 March 1778   Sunday
Vases, Candelabra, Grave Stones, Sarcophagi. Tripods, Lamps and Ancient Ornaments   volume II

Ancient bas-relief that can be seen in the Portico of the Church of SS. Apostles
The vases are extracted from the collection of Cavalier Ghezzi existing in the Vatican Library

21-22 y.o. Francesco Piranesi 1780
Raccolta de' tempj antichi   Parti I

Modinature in Grandi of the Parts of the Temple of Honor, and of Virtue
A Marble Base, Imoscapo, Fluted Column   B Marble Capital, Sommoscapo, and part of the Upper Column.   C Marble architrave, frieze, and cornice that goes around the Portico of Opera Laterizia.   D Uniform part serving as the Attic between the epistyle and the upper cornice   E Horizontal cornice of the tympanum
F Profile, or section of the said cornice of a brickwork   G Part of the modine of the sides of the tympanum of various shapes of the horizontal side of the cornice E.   H Upper cornice of the side of the temple of a brickwork different from that of the front E the profile of which can be observed in the molding already marked in E.   I Lower cornice of the Sides of the Temple of opera Laterizia   K.L. Base, and Capital of the Pillars of the Portico   M. Cross-section of the Internal and External Frame of the Portico   N Moldings of the Internal Frame of the said Portico   O Octagonal chest of drawers in the middle of the Vault of Scala Superior to the here indicated   P Stucco Frieze in the Sesto of the Vault of lower scale.   Q Tile with its stamp
R Cutaway of the medema.   S Terra cotta Antefix.   T Cutaway of the medema
Franc. Piranesi drew and engraved

8 March 1812   Sunday

Morning thick clouds, wind NW, about 10 a small rain began. Not feeling very well and my wife worse we omitted going to Meeting. About 4 PM it began to hail and soon covered the ground which was slightly frozen. In the evening snow. Therm. early 33° rose only to 35°.

8 March 2000

8 March 2012
women architects: f’ing cool
At the book-signing after the [2001] VSBA symposium at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I told Denise Scott Brown, "I'm writing a "thesis" which brings to light that the first "master planner" of Christian architecture was a woman, the mother of Constantine, Saint Helena."
Scott Brown replied, "That's fascinating."

8 March 2019

8 March 2023   Wednesday
JP and I talked about "control of the narrative." Well, I did most of the talking while JP listened, asked for clarifications, and raised questions. I was trying to verbally formulate my feelings of how culture has changed and how much of the 'fighting' going is for "control of the narrative."

My mind started going down this path after reading (and thinking about) Michael J. Lewis's "Trashing the President's House" essay, where, in many ways, the underlying lament is for having lost a control of the narrative. My assessment now is that the President's House: Freedom and Slavery in the Making of New Nation is an adroit design aptly reflecting the consequences of a founding based on core and malevolent double standards.

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