Fra Guglielino Agnelli
sculptor and architect.
The oldest of the pupils of Niccolò da Pisa. He was employed on the "Arca di San Domenico" in Bologna begun by Niccolò da Pisa. His pulpit in the Church of S. Giovanni fuorcivitas at Pistoia dates from about 1270. According to Fumi Agnelli was one of the architects employed on the Cathedral of Orvieto at its commencement in 1293.

Giovanni Cimabue
painter; b. 1240; d. about 1302.
Of the early Florentine painters Cimabue was the first to emancipate himself from the formalities of Byzantine painting. He was the principal painter employed in the decoration of the "upper church" at Assisi in which work his pupil Giotto was associated with him.

architect; d. about 1295.
The first architect known to have been employed on the cathedral of Troyes (Aube, France) was named Jacques. He probably worked on the building as early as 1270.

General view of the Cathedral of Pisa (1063- 1118 and 1261-72) , the leaning tower (1174-1271), and the baptistery (1153-1265), all works of the twelfth century. In the background is seen part of the Campo Santo, a work of the thirteenth century.

Plan and section of the cupola of the Cathedral of Pisa.

Ruins of the Church of St. Mary, near York, rebuilt in 1270.

Back front of the Palace de' Governatori at Ancona, built by Margaritone d'Arezzo in 1270, alla maniera Greca.

Plan and elevations of the Baptistery of St. John at Parma.




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