Giovanni da Pisa
sculptor and architect; b. about 1240; d. about 1320.
Son of Niccol˛ Pisano. In 1274 he went to Perugia to superintend the construction of the fountain of the great piazza from his father's designs. The bas-reliefs of the lower story are especially ascribed to him. Between 1278 and 1283 he built the cloister which surrounds the Campo Santo at Pisa. The church of S. Maria della Spina, Pisa, ascribed to him by Vasari, was not built before 1323. Between 1302 and 1311 he made a pulpit for the cathedral of Pisa which was ruined by the conflagration of 1596. Fragments of this pulpit are now in the museum of the city of Pisa. In 1289 he began the fašade of the cathedral of Siena. His design was modified by the architects of the next century. The pulpit of S. Andrea at Pistoia is one of his most important works (1303). He commenced the enlargement of the cathedral of Prato in 1317.




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