Marino (or Martino) Boccanegra (Boccanera)
engineer and architect.
Boccanegra, a member of the great Genoese family of that name, began around 1275 the arsenal at Genoa, Italy. In 1276-1278 he built the mandracchio, or harbor for small vessals, and in 1283 commenced the old mole, Genoa. He finished the aquaduct from Tresasco in 1295.

Andreas Egl
Bishop Leon Dundorfer laid the first stone of the cathedral of Ratisbon (Regensburg, Germany) in 1275. The chronicles mention as architects of the building Andreas Egl, Heinrich Zehnter, Heinrich Durnstetter, Friedrich Speiset, and Thomas Roritzer.

Meister Ludwig
An important German architect of the Gothic period. From 1275 to 1306 he conducted the works at the cathedral of Regensburg (Ratisbon), in Bavaria. Associated with him were his sons Weichmann and Konrad.




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